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For thousands of years, there have been home remedies for ailments from acne to warts. Take this quiz now to see how well you know your home remedies!

Soothe your burn with ________.

A few days after the initial burn, aloe does wonders for a burn because of its analgesic action. Use the fresh plant or over-the-counter-cream.


Staying out of the ________ will help delay the onset of wrinkes.

Staying out of the sun is the first line of defense against wrinkles. Too much sun shrivels up the skin, much like the sun turns a grape into a raisin.


Put _________ juice on your face to help rid yourself of acne.

Lemons act like a disinfectant and exfoliant to prevent new pimples from forming. Dabbing lemon juice on your face and splashing with cool water will make acne run for the hills.


Help dimish the onslaught of allergies by adding _______ to your home and your car.

The idea behind adding air conditioning is to create an oasis from outside pollen. It also brings down humidity, which discourages mites and mold.


When suffering with the flu, it is best to ___________.

The flu is highly contagious. Staying home will help you get better faster and keep others from getting sick.


Heat and ___________ oil work wonders for arthritis.

Eucalyptus oil and moist heat work well for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Place eucalyptus oil on the area affected by arthritis, wrap the area in plastic wrap, and apply moist heat.


Apply a baking soda paste to your feet to help with _______.

Baking soda is awesome to soak up bacteria. Make sure you get the fungus between your toes.


________ bark can be used to alleviate back pain.

White willow bark contains natural salicylate, the active ingredient that gives aspirin its anti-inflammatory strength. It's found in capsule form.


Do you have bad breath after eating a meal? Grab some __________.

The parsley on your plate at a restaurant is more than decoration. Parsley freshens breath. Instead of ignoring it, pick it up and chew away!


_______ salts help stop the itching from bug bites.

Epsom salts help reduce the intense itching. If Epsom salts are not in your cupboard, baking soda will work.


Take ________ to help zap a bladder infection.

Taking vitamin C throughout the day will acidify the urine and interfere with bacterial growth. This is especially helpful for those who have a recurring problem with bladder infections.


To help with high blood pressure, pass the __________ please.

Potassium helps to keep blood pressure down, but only if you ingest more potassium than sodium. Put down the salt and pick up potassium!


A heated slice of tomato is a remedy for _________.

Boils are mini volcanoes on the body, erupting with puss. If tomato slices are not handy, you can use a slice of onion or mashed garlic.


Instead of using a wet ________ for a drink, use it to help do away with the pain of a canker sore.

A wet, black tea bag is the best kind to use. Black tea contains tannin, which is a pain-reliever.


Dry hands? Moisturize with what kitchen staple?

Crisco is also called "Cream C." It's a great moisturizer that covers the skin and keeps moisture locked in without feeling greasy. The key is, a little goes a long way.


Switching to ___________ can help lower your cholesterol.

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat, otherwise known as the "good fat." Monounsaturated fat lowers total cholesterol levels more than a strict low-fat diet.


Taking ________ helps to fight off a cold.

Vitamin C scours the body, picking up bodily trash, viruses included. Taking vitamin C can take a cold from seven days to two or three days.


To help nip cold sores in the bud, it's a good idea to replace your ___________.

A toothbrush can hold the herpes virus hostage for days, releasing the virus back to you after a cold sore heals. Beat the toothbrush at its own game and throw it out.


Ingesting more __________ is a good way to loosen up constipation.

Liquids and dietary fiber are two "must haves" in getting to the bottom of constipation. Both help to keep a person's stool soft and the digestive system flowing.


To help with calluses on the feet, soak them in _________.

Chamomile tea will help soothe and soften tough skin. Don't panic if your feet come out of the soak a bit stained. It will wash off with soap and water.


To help control dandruff, ____________ often.

Wash often, every day if it is possible. The more you wash, the easier it is to control the dandruff.


To help stop diarrhea, it's a good idea to avoid these _________.

Eating is necessary. However, not all foods are helpful for your digestive system. Foods that can force you to run to the bathroom way too often include bread, pasta, apples, and corn.


Instead of drinking ____________, pour it over your head to give your hair a nice shine.

Beer gives hair a crisp, shiny look, even if you have dry hair. Don't worry about smelling like beer when you leave home. The beer aroma quickly evaporates.


Warm some ________ to help with an earache.

Warm the oil to room temperature. Using the warm oil will help lessen the pain.


Get the red out of your eyes with __________.

A cool washcloth on the eyes helps to constrict the blood vessels. It will also add moisture to the eyes.


Work out to _______ up.

Exercise gives you energy. Be careful you don't do it too close to bedtime.


________ off a fever.

Evaporation has a cooling effect on body temperature. Cool tap water helps the body rid itself of excess heat.


Gargle with ________ for a sore or scratchy throat.

The salt/water combination mimics the body's natural pH level. Gargling with salt water helps to flush out the germs that collect in the throat.


Rub some ________ on your feet to help stop foot odor.

Treat the odor on your feet as you would the odor in your armpits! Antiperspirant or deodorant work on both areas!


Brushing at the ________ will help curb gingivitis.

The gumline catches the plaque and holds it hostage, turning it into gingivitis. Brushing at the gumline shakes it loose and gets rid of it.


To help snuff out heartburn, go easy on the _________.

Drinks with caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and cola can irritate the throat. Caffeine also relaxes the sphincter.


One way to battle insomnia is to keep to a strict _______.

A person should be on the same sleep schedule seven days a week. To make sleep a scheduled habit, a person's body clock is set, cutting down on the chance insomnia will keep him or her up at night.


To help get over laryngitis, a person should stop _______.

With laryngitis, the voice needs a rest. A person shouldn't even whisper since whispering bangs the vocal cords together as hard as if one was shouting.


When experiencing hot flashes, it's a good idea to wear_________.

Synthetic fibers trap heat and sweat during a hot flash, making the event even more uncomfortable. Natural fibers, such as cotton or hemp, allow the body to ventilate, releasing the heat.


To help with sinusitis, get all ____________ up.

Humidity is the key. It keeps the mucus flowing and the sinuses drained.


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