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If you're a 90s kid, you probably use to run to the TV when "Hey Arnold" came on Nickelodeon. After all these years, how big of a fan do you think you were? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Arnold's head was shaped like what?

Throughout the series, you'll find that Arnold is often referred to by the shape of his head, which is a football.


What is the name of Arnold's best friend?

Arnold's best friend was Gerald, a street-smart kid whose character is known for his high top haircut.


Who is the character that pretends to hate Arnold in order to hide her crush?

Helga, who is obsessed enough with Arnold to keep a hidden shrine in her bedroom, often bullies and pushes around Arnold to hide her love for him.


What color hat does Arnold wear on his head?

Arnold is known to wear a small blue cap adorned on top of his football shaped head.


What color shirt does Arnold wear underneath his teal sweater?

Although most fans have thought Arnold to be wearing a kilt, he's actually wearing a long red plaid shirt that peaks out underneath his sweater.


What's the name of the his classmate that Arnold has a crush on?

Although Arnold had a crush on Ruth McDougal in season one, she was a 6th grader. The classmate that Arnold had a crush on was Lila Sawyer.


What was Arnold's last name?

Although we can assume that Arnold did have a last name, as a part of a running gag on the show, his last name was never revealed.


What color jersey was Gerald always wearing?

Throughout the series, you'll see Gerald wearing a red basketball jersey.


What number was written across Gerald's jersey?

Although it's rare that the characters switch out of their usual clothes, you'll often find Gerald wearing a red shirt with '33' printed along the front.


Which character does Gerald have a crush on?

Gerald has a crush on Phoebe, and luckily enough, Phoebe returns the feelings.


Who is the class president of the 4th grade?

Gerald is the class president of the 4th grade, an accomplishment that lands him on "The Geek List" for beating the creator of the list, Rhonda, in the election.


What color dress is Helga seen wearing throughout the series?

Throughout the series and contradictory to her character's 'tomboyish front,' Helga is seen wearing a pink dress and big pink bow in her hair.


Which character is Helga's best friend?

Although Helga often bosses her around, Phoebe is her best friend and confidante.


What does Helga's father, Bob, do for a living?

Helga's father is workaholic pager salesman who often forgets about Helga in favor for his other daughter, Olga.


Where in her house does Helga keep her shrine for Arnold?

Helga keeps a shrine of Arnold in her closet, where she has a makeshift model of his head with gum for his lips that she often kisses.


What is the name of the bully who later becomes Arnold's friend in the show?

Harold Berman, who is first seen as a bully in the first season, later becomes Arnold's friend and is often seen crying for his mother when he gets scared.


What's the name of Harold's best friend that loves lemon pudding?

Stinky is a tall, lanky kid from Arkansas who loved lemon pudding and often broke out into poetry.


Which character is often seen wearing a green baseball cap, black leather jacket, and white boots?

Sid, another one of Harold's best friends, is classically seen wearing a baseball cap, leather jacket, and boots. He has paranoid tendencies and is extremely afraid of germs.


Which of the members of Arnold's friends is extremely accident prone?

Eugene Horowitz, one of Arnold's friends, is often caught in accidents. Since some of these accidents have happened with Arnold present, he thinks Arnold is a jinx.


What is the name of Arnold's cousin who looks like him?

Arnold's cousin, Arnie, has a great resemblance towards his cousin. When he came to visit, Lila, Arnold's crush, develops a crush on Arnie although Arnie only has eyes for Helga.


What is the name of Arnold's neighbor who is a chronic gambler and can never seem to find a job?

Oscar, who lives in Arnold's boarding house and tends to act younger than Arnold himself, often tricks Arnold and his friends into helping him.


What kind of music does Mr. Hyunh sing?

Although Mr. Hyunh is from Vietnam, he is a country singer who can play the cello, guitar, and trumpet.


What is the name of Arnold's grandfather?

Arnold's grandfather is Phil, a a World War II veteran who Arnold often goes to for advice.


Which of these characters has a black belt?

Grandma Gertrude can often be seen throughout the series doing crazy things and dressing up like other characters.


What is the name of the kid who stalks Helga?

Brainy, who tends to stalk Helga, is often found heavy breathing over her shoulder before Helga punches him unconscious.


Who is the bully that took over after Harold became Arnold's friend?

After Harold stepped over from the dark side, Wolfgang, a 5th grader, took over as bully and was later joined by a rival bully, Ludwig.


What was the name of Arnold's school?

Arnold and his friends attended P.S. 118, a public school that was built in 1932.


Who was the principal of P.S. 118?

Principal Wartz, was known for being strict, but he was also an understand principal of P.S. 118.


What's the name of the kid afraid to leave his porch?

In the series, we see Stoop Kid, a teenager who never leaves his stoop. In one of the series' most popular episode, we see some kids chanting, "Stoop Kid's afraid to leave the stoop." Arnold is finally able to convince him to leave the stoop.


What was the name of Arnold's pet?

Arnold has a pet pig named Abner, who was almost named Abigail by Arnold's mother who thought he was a girl.


What is the name of the town that Arnold lives in?

Hey Arnold! takes place is the fictional town of Hillwood, a town thought to be located in Washington State.


In the "Hey Arnold" movie, what is Arnold and his friends trying to save the neighborhood from being turned into?

In the movie, Arnold and his friends are going up again Scheck, a CEO who wants to turn the neighborhood into a luxurious shopping mall.


Which character was known for saying, "I'm okay..."

Eugene, who is very accident prone, will always be heard saying "I'm okay" after he gets into one of his many accidents.


Who is the only character heard talking in the theme song?

In the Hey Arnold! theme song, Helga is heard repeating Arnold's name as a means of getting his attention.


How many episodes of Hey Arnold! have there been?

In 5 total seasons, there have been 100 episodes of Hey Arnold!


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