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Nearly a decade after the beloved TV series "Gilmore Girls" ended its run, our favorite fast-talking, coffee-drinking women returned in a limited series. Four 90-minute segments brought us up to date on the lives of Lorelai, Rory, and the people in their lives. Let's see how closely you paid attention as you binge-watched "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

What new initiative is Taylor trying to push forward in Stars Hollow?

Taylor is never without a new idea for improving Stars Hollow and bringing in more tourists. Now he's trying to convince his fellow residents to give up their septic tanks and install sewers, but not surprisingly, Luke is resistant.

What is the nature of Kirk's newest business venture?

It's not surprising to learn that Kirk, ever the entrepreneur, has started a ride-sharing service called Ooober. Of course, there are a few issues, including the fact that he doesn't own a car and requires customers to call his mother for service, then meet him downtown. The business goes under when the real Uber threatens a lawsuit.

Where does Logan currently live?

Logan is now living in London. He has gone back to working for his father's empire, but it is unclear what his role is.

What kind of pet has Kirk acquired?

As if the town weren't quirky enough, residents are now treated to seeing Kirk chasing his pet pig, Petal, through town whenever she escapes. Petal is also featured prominently in Kirk's new film.

With what publishing company is Rory trying to get an interview?

Ten years out of Yale, Rory is still struggling as a freelance journalist. She is now desperately trying to get an interview with Conde Nast, which publishes several high-profile magazines, but the meeting has been postponed several times.

When Rory's boyfriend, Paul, visits, what gift does he bring for Luke?

Although Paul is entirely forgettable, he forgets nothing. Remembering a conversation they had previously, Paul brings Luke an antique crescent wrench that belonged to his grandfather, knowing it would be meaningful because Luke's father ran a hardware store.

Rory's main professional accomplishment is an article published in what major magazine?

It's unclear exactly what Rory has been doing for the past decade, but her claim to fame is an article published in the New Yorker. She is proud of it and has gotten acclaim for it, but there doesn't seem to be much else on her resume.

Rory has taken up a new practice to relax and relieve stress. What is it?

Lorelai is surprised when she wakes in the middle of the night and finds Rory tap dancing in the kitchen. It seems her daughter has recently discovered tap dancing videos on the Internet that are designed to help people relax.

Luke has redesigned his menus to include a new feature. What is it?

Luke is so proud of Rory's article in a national magazine that he has redesigned his menus around it. The menus now include a plastic pocket into which the article has been inserted.

What major change has taken place in Michel's life?

Although we don't meet his spouse, we learn that Michel is now married to a man named Frederick. He's somewhat concerned because Frederick now wants children, and, of course, Michel has never been a fan.

Since Sookie's departure, the Dragonfly Inn has been bringing in well-known chefs to take her place temporarily. Which of these chefs has not been included?

Both Rachael Ray and Roy Choi are seen briefly on the show as they set up pop-up kitchens featuring the cooking styles for which they are known. It is mentioned that Anthony Bourdain has also participated, but there is no mention of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten.

When Lorelai and Rory go to Emily's house for dinner, they are startled to find a new piece of artwork. What is it?

Arriving at Emily's house, the girls are taken aback to find that the living room is now dominated by a portrait of Richard that is too big to fit on the wall. Although they are touched at the gesture toward their late father and grandfather, they have trouble getting Emily to admit that she made a mistake in measuring the wall and did not really want something quite so large.

Who does Lorelai see at her father's wake?

After her father's funeral, everyone gathers at Emily's home for a reception. During the event, Lorelai runs into Jason Stiles, the former boyfriend who was also her father's business partner for a brief time.

Why does Emily become angry with Lorelai at Richard's wake?

After everyone else has gone, Emily and Lorelai sit on the patio with a small group of Richard's closest friends. Unfortunately, Lorelai has had way too much to drink and when she is called upon to share a story about her father, she chooses one that puts him in a bad light.

April is now in college. What school does she attend?

April is now a student at MIT, but all is not well. While she pretends to be doing great and have her life together, she admits to Rory that most of what she has said isn't true, including the fact that she loves her nose ring, which is actually quite painful.

What business is Paris in?

When Lorelai and Luke consider having a baby, they go to a surrogate service owned by Paris. She is as driven and high-powered as ever, lining up women she calls "breeders" as possible surrogates for her friends.

Rory spends a lot of time looking through the many boxes in which she has stored her possessions. What is she looking for?

Rory has given up her apartment in Brooklyn and is couch surfing with various people. As such, she has boxes stashed at the homes of Lorelai, Emily, and Lane, but no matter where she looks, she can't find her lucky outfit, which she needs for an important meeting. Turns out Lorelai has had it all along.

Who goes to couples therapy?

After Lorelai suggests that Emily try grief therapy to help her deal with Richard's death, Emily makes an appointment with a therapist, but there's a surprise. She tricks Lorelai into coming with her to work through their many differences and difficulties.

During the series, we get a brief glimpse of a character we've always assumed existed but have never seen. Who is it?

Throughout the run of the original show, it was implied that Lane's father was alive and well, but he was never seen. Finally, at one of Stars Hollow's many outdoor festivals, Rory spots him and yells, "Hi, Mr. Kim," and for a brief moment, we see Lane's father waving back at her. Guess he really does exist.

What is the name of Logan's fiance?

Although Logan and Rory are still together, now it's on the down low. They have to sneak around because he is engaged to a French heiress named Odette, who lives in Paris.

During a town meeting, it is determined that Stars Hollow must cancel a planned event because of lack of participation. What is the event?

It appears that Stars Hollow doesn't have that many gay residents, at least ones who are interested in taking part in a pride parade. Taylor announces that he has tried to borrow some gays from neighboring towns but has had no luck, so the event is cancelled.

Which characters accidentally join a vegetable cult?

Although they are not seen during any of the episodes, Liz and T.J. have accidentally become involved with a cult that worships vegetables. Luke and Jess plan to intervene, but before they can do anything, Liz calls to say that the cult kicked them out for being too weird.

Richard left Luke a sizeable amount of money to be spent for a specific purpose. For what is the money designated?

Emily takes Luke aside to tell him that Richard left him money, but it is to be spent only on franchising his diner. Luke has little interest in this plan, but that doesn't stop Emily from taking him to see several prospective locations.

Why does Paris have a panic attack during the visit to Chilton?

Paris is behaving in her usual manner, mowing down everyone in her path, until she thinks she catches a glimpse of Tristan at the other end of the hall. Suddenly it's freshman year again and she goes into panic mode, pulling Rory into a bathroom for a freak-out session.

What were Richard's last words?

Lorelai tells the therapist about her father's final days, when he was angry at himself for being sick. She says that his last words were, "Get the hell away from me," but they were spoken to the nurses, not to Lorelai or Emily.

For what did Luke donate money to Stars Hollow?

Luke is especially upset when he learns that the municipal pool's floaty hut has been damaged beyond repair. At first, he didn't want anyone to know that the money came from him, but his dismay over its demise soon makes it obvious.

Why is the Stars Hollow newspaper shutting down?

When Bernie Roundbottom retires as editor of the paper, it seems there is no one to take his place, so the plan is to just shut down. Enter Rory, who must remind Taylor that she has a degree in journalism from Yale before he reluctantly agrees to let her take over.

Where do Zach and Lane play as a guitar-drums duo?

Stars Hollow has a bar after all, but don't tell Taylor. It's a nice little place where Zach and Lane play light jazz, but when Taylor approaches, the lights go out and everyone hides until he's gone.

What unusual addition does Emily put in her living room?

Rory is stunned when she visits her grandmother and finds that a large TV has been added to the living room, along with some folding trays. It seems that Emily has continued to loosen the rules and now eats dinner while watching television.

Who suggests that Rory write a book about her life with Lorelai?

When he stops by the newspaper office to visit Rory, Jess is sorry to learn that she is so unhappy and unsuccessful. He suggests that she write a book and he has the perfect topic -- her history and life with her mother.

Why is Lorelai not permitted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

To gain perspective on her life, Lorelai makes the unusual decision to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail, as depicted in the book and movie, "Wild." However, after loading her backpack with great difficulty, she is turned away because she can't find her permit.

What does Logan offer Rory to help her write her book?

Although he still plans to marry Odette, Logan wants to continue to take care of Rory by letting her use his family's house in Maine as a quiet place to work. She is finished taking things from him though, so she turns him down and tells him a final goodbye. She'll write in her grandfather's study instead.

After selling her house in Hartford, where does Emily move?

Emily surprises everyone by cutting her ties with the DAR, selling her house, and buying a place on Nantucket. She begins a new life wearing pastel beach clothes and giving guided tours at the local whaling museum, but some things never change. She insists that Lorelai and Luke make scheduled visits each year at Christmas and during the summer.

Where does Rory run into Dean?

Rory is picking up a few things at Doose's when she runs into Dean, who is in town visiting his parents. He's married and has several children, but the tenderness between them has not changed.

Who announces a surprise pregnancy at the end of the final episode?

Creator Amy Sherman Palladino always maintained that she intended to bring the show full circle by giving Rory an unplanned pregnancy, but she didn't get the opportunity when the original series ended. This time, viewers got to hear the final four words that she had planned all along: "Mom?" "Yeah?" "I'm pregnant."

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