How Well Do You Know Gambling Lingo?

By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

I'll bet you a buck you, just don't raise me a nickel! Take the ultimate quiz now to test your knowledge of the most popular gambling terms in the game!

To bet all of your chips is known as going _______.

This is known as a tie between the dealer and a player.

When you roll Snake Eyes, what do each of the dice have facing up?

If you're a big-time bettor at a casino, you're known as a __________.

If you get 'down to the felt,' what has happened?

When cards are dealt to a player face down, they are known as that player's ________ cards.

If you're "hot" in the casino, you are...

A ________ bet is one in which the player does not see the cards before placing a bet.

When you convert cash into chips, this is known as your...

These cards are not used during the game, rather they are discarded or used as cut cards...

Anyone who gambles hopes not to leave the casino as a "fish"...

Kings, Queens and Jacks are known as ______ cards.

Where do you go to cash in your chips?

When a player doubles their original wager in a game of blackjack, this is known as _______.

A slot machine with a generous payout is considered to be ________.

What is it called when you roll a two on a die?

If you win by more than the pointspread, you've ________ the pointspread.

In poker, the ______ is an odd high card held that doesn't contribute to a straight or a flush.

What's your name if you're a generous tipper to the table dealers?

When you win both sides of the game, you've _______ the book.

What is the correct casino lingo for a player advantage bet?

What is the name of a gambler who has high expectations for casino comps and benefits, though they're not that well deserved?

This describes a player who tries to use the same strategy as a winning player, hoping for the same results...

This word describes when a player bets large amounts at money games...

How much is a "dime"?

What is the name of the tray where the dealer places the played or discarded cards?

This is the act of shuffling the cards where all the cards are face down on the table and the dealer sloshes them around...

If you "chase" after losing, what are you doing?

This is the name of the bet required to begin a hand.

How much is a "nickel"?

To ______ is to match the current bet.

In Texas Hold‘em poker, _________ is the fifth card on board and the final round of betting.

The "_______ in the sky" watches everyone.

How much is a dollar bet?

A dollar bet, or $100, is also referred to as a _________.

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