How Well Do You Know Chevrolet?

By Steven Symes on April 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you like climbing behind the wheel, seeing a bow tie on it instead of a blue oval or something else? Are you convinced that the Corvette really is America's only real sports car? If so, you might have an obsession with the Chevrolet brand, and you're certainly not alone. Plenty of people in North America and even beyond drive Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs, making them quite popular.

Let's face it: There's a good reason why Prince wrote about a little red Corvette instead of a Sentra or Corolla.

Chevrolet has been a symbol of American national pride for some time. It rose up in the Motor City and has grown to become one of the most popular auto brands in the country. With a long and rich history, there's a lot to know about this dynamic brand. It's been responsible for some of the most iconic vehicles to ever roll down American streets. In fact, you could make a good argument that Chevrolet has greatly impacted American culture.

But how much do you really know about this brand? Maybe you know the vehicles, but do you know the company and its lengthy history? Test out the extent of your Chevrolet knowledge right now by taking this test.

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