How Well Do You Know Car Acronyms and Abbreviations?

By Steven Symes on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a real car expert? If so, you probably test out the knowledge of other people who claim they are as well by throwing out some acronyms and abbreviations quickly. After all, someone who really knows their way around vehicles can quickly identify what you're referring to with ABS, SRS, AWD, and more.

But the automotive industry loves acronyms for all sorts of things, just like a lot of other industries. In fact, quite a few automaker names contain them, along with other "shop talk" vocabulary you might even hear tossed around when buying a car or having it serviced. If you have a true command of these terms, you can navigate any automotive situation far easier than the average person.

Car enthusiasts will use different abbreviated terms to sort out people who aren't part of the inner circle. If it's obvious you don't understand or use them, you're quickly identified as an outsider. So how much of a car nerd are you? Do you have mastery of all sorts of acronyms and abbreviations? Test your knowledge now with this quiz!

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