How Well Do You Know American Slang?

By Stella Alexander on March 20, 2018

About This Quiz

PIECE OF CAKE! That's what this quiz will be, right? When it comes to American slang, there are tons of words and phrases whose meaning veers far off from its actual words. From getting under one's skin to hitting the road, how well do you know American slang?

Throughout the entire world, English is the third most spoken language with more than 360 million native speakers. While that doesn't seem like a lot, this is just the number of people who speak English as their first language. Around the world, there are around 1.5 billion people who can speak English, which is 20 percent of the world!

There are dozens of countries around the world where English is the official language. You'd find it in countries like Singapore, Jamaica, Australia, Ireland, and of course, England. While all of these countries speak English, just as we do in the United States, they probably wouldn't understand most of the slang that is used even though it's English. Would you?

If someone says something is "cheesy," they're most likely not talking about a pizza! They could be referencing something that is cheap or cringe-worthy, but not in the monetary sense! 

From "shooting the breeze" to "giving the cold shoulder," how much American slang do you know?

Are you ready to bring your A-Game or will you make it by the skin of your teeth? There's only one way to find out!

Let's find out how much American slang you know!

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