How Well Do You Know American Car History?

By Steven Symes on April 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Americans have had quite a love story with the automobile, even though it was invented in Germany. You could argue that the history of the automobile chronicles the history of the United States from the early 20th century on, and you wouldn't be wrong. The culture of the country, as well as the economy has been closely tied to the vehicles we use to get around.

While you probably have no idea what car JFK or FDR drove, or even if they did drive, you likely know other interesting facts about cars and their place in this country's past. After all, quite a few automakers were born in this nation, although most of them are long dead and some even mostly forgotten. Still, their influence lives on in how vehicles are deigned and made today.

With a new crop of automakers rising up in the United States once again, and some of them dying off in short order, American car history is continuing to take shape. You never know: the car you're driving now could end up being a prized museum piece one day.

Test out how well you know American car history right now by taking this quiz!

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