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Some people say you shouldn't mess with the classics. But they also say you shouldn't read from creepy old books, either -- somehow the rules just keep getting broken! Now, test your knowledge of this 21st-century reboot with our quiz! (If you're looking for a quiz on the original film, you'll find it elsewhere on

The remake takes place in the woods of which state?

The most likely location is Michigan. Olivia mentions Flint, while protagonist Mia wears a Michigan State sweatshirt. The latter is an homage to the original film, in which a character wore a Michigan State shirt.


In the opening sequence, who kills the possessed girl?

The movie's opening scene is an extended fake-out. We think an innocent girl is running away from bad guys, but she's possessed, and the guys are just doing what has to be done.


What is the name of the girl in the opening sequence?

The prologue is just a set-up for the movie's plot. We don't learn the names or backstory of anyone involved.


The first letters of the main characters' names spell which word?

The names are David, Eric, Mia, Olivia, and Natalie. It's apt because they are all marked for demonic possession.


Why are the five young people at the cabin?

Mia has overdosed before, to the point that she was legally dead. Olivia refers to "going through this before, in Flint" -- a reference that seems to set the film in Michigan.


What does Mia do with her heroin?

Mia doesn't hide her dope. At this early stage, she's committed to detoxing, though her friends fear that won't last.


What does David give Mia behind the cabin?

In the original, Ash gives his girlfriend Linda a necklace with a tiny magnifying glass on it. That necklace becomes the symbol of his love and his unwillingness to kill her later.


What is the necklace made from?

David says that buckthorn is supposed to "strengthen the will." He doesn't believe in such things, but says that since Mia does, it might work for her.


What's the dog's name?

Don't laugh about the Paul Anka option -- that was the dog on Gilmore Girls. Why Grandpa is Grandpa, though, is unexplained in this film.


In what profession is Olivia?

Olivia is important to the plot because she's going to medically supervise Mia's withdrawal. So when Mia seems to be going crazy and the others want to take her to a hospital, Olivia says that Mia is getting the same care she would in a hospital.


Where did David and Mia's mother die?

David stayed away, leaving Mia to care for their mother, who succumbed to some kind of dementia. This trauma might be partly the root of her heroin addiction.


What do the young people find hanging in the basement?

This basement is decorated with dead cats. In the original, bones and feathers hang from the basement ceiling. This was widely seen as a homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Who reads aloud from the Naturom Demonto?

Eric, who claims to know a little about witchcraft, reads from the book, despite scrawled warnings on the pages not to do so. Sigh. There's always that one person who's got to ruin it for everyone.


Why does Mia crash the car in her escape attempt?

Mia crashes her car in a swampy area and has to head back on foot. Naturally, this doesn't work out well for her.


What does the demon who confronts Mia in the forest look like?

Mia is confronted with a a demonic version of herself. This could be a commentary on addicts being their own worst enemies.


When Mia starts to see things, why don't the others agree to leave the cabin?

It's Olivia who pushes for the group to stick it out, no matter what. She says that another overdose will probably kill Mia.


What does Mia do that convinces David something is really wrong?

Eric saw a depiction of this behavior in the book, where a woman pours boiling water over herself. When Mia does it, she gives herself second- and third-degree burns.


Why can't David take Mia to a hospital for her burns?

In the original Evil Dead, an old, rickety bridge collapses. In the remake, there's no bridge; the road itself is overrun with water too fast and high to cross.


How does Mia infect Olivia?

In the film's mythology, possession seems to happen via shared bodily fluids. It might reflect a very 2000s fear of infectious disease -- this is the age of Ebola and various swine and bird flus, after all.


What does Eric find Olivia doing in the bathroom?

This is another demonic activity that Eric has seen illustrated in the book. He gets her to stop, but only because she wants to attack him.


Mia tells Natalie, "I can smell your _______."

The demon also tells David, "Your little sister's being raped in hell." It's an homage to a famous (also unprintable) line from "The Exorcist."


What does Natalie amputate her arm with?

Natalie, up to that point a stock girlfriend character, proves to have more spine than the audience has realized. After the amputation, she smiles gamely and says, "I'm feeling much better."


How many souls does the Taker need?

When the Taker has his five souls, the Abomination can rise from hell. This is shown in an illustration that looks a lot like the artwork from the original Evil Dead movie poster.


What are the three methods for "purifying" a possessed person?

None are survivable, which is why David initially rejects the idea. It's Eric, who's been reading the book, who suggests it.


What does Natalie attack Eric with?

The nail gun gets a real workout in the film. Eric, David, and Natalie all get pretty well perforated before the fun's over.


How does David initially intend to kill/purify Mia?

David intends to burn the cabin down with Mia inside. He then changes his mind -- much like Ash did with his girlfriend Linda in the original.


What does David do to Mia before burying her alive?

For reasons known only to him, David puts the red dress on a sedated Mia. At least she's well-dressed for her showdown with the demon.


What machine does David make a makeshift version of?

This is a pretty neat trick: David uses a car battery, the leads from a multimeter, and two hypodermic needles to shock Mia beack to life. The point is, of course, that she needs to die to be purified -- but she doesn't have to stay dead.


How does David kill himself and Eric?

All of these choices -- approved by the Naturom Demonto -- sound really painful. This script was not pulling any punches.


How does Mia first realize the Abomination is rising?

The book says that "the sky shall bleed" when the Abomination rises. The demon does come up from the ground, but not until after the rain of blood starts.


Why does Mia sever her hand?

You might see subtle homages to Saw in Evil Dead. Both Mia and Natalie cut off body parts to escape a trap of sorts. Also, Eric beats Olivia with part of a broken toilet -- like a fed-up Leigh Whannell did to Michael Emerson in the first Saw film.


How does Mia kill the Abomination?

This gory, satisyfing moment goes on a while, with Mia sawing determinedly away at the Abomination's head like it's made of rock. One critic noted, "It's a while before anyone picks up a chainsaw, but boy is it worth it when they do."


How does Mia die?

One thing the Evil Dead reboot really improved was the female characters. 1981's girls giggled, got scared, and then were possessed. In 2013, Olivia has medical expertise, Natalie cuts off half her arm to save herself from possession (unsuccessfully, but still), and Mia battles and defeats the Abomination.


Who appears very briefly in a post-credits cameo?

Campbell appears as Ash, turning to the screen to say, "Groovy." Campbell was reportedly reluctant to see an Evil Dead remake done, but he was okay with it once he learned there wouldn't be an Ash in the film, but all-new characters.


Is 2013's Evil Dead a remake or a sequel?

The director, Fede Alvarez, explains that the events of his film take place decades after Ash and his friends visited the cabin, but the book is still there and causes new mayhem. To explain why the occurrences are so parallel, however, Alvarez suggested that the book's supernatural power made events unfold in almost exactly the same way.


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