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This Australian horror film was a nerve-wracking tale of domestic horror, like a mash-up of "The Sixth Sense," "The Others" and "Paranormal Activity." Now, test your recall of this nail-biting film with our quiz!

What is the main character's name?

Amelia is an old-fashioned name, and the actress who played Amelia can probably sympathize: her first name is Essie. She's Essie Davis, to be exact.


What is her son's name?

Samuel is rambunctious, with an overactive imagination. This tires out his working single mother, even before the mayhem starts.


Where does Amelia work?

In one scene, Amelia gets bored during a game of bingo and calls out the impossible number, "five billion." Only afterward does she see her supervisor scowling at her.


What was the name of Amelia's late husband?

Though Samuel's father is evidently Australian, like Amelia, his family must have Eastern European roots. This is indicated by his last name, Vanek, and the spelling of his name.


Samuel's father died on what significant night?

Oskar died in a car crash while the two were en route to the hospital. It's hard to believe that a car crash fatal to him still allowed Amelia to give birth to a completely healthy child, but that's the movie's premise.


What is Samuel's hobby?

Samuel loves magic and tries to do tricks. His other obsession, much less healthy, is his fear of monsters.


With whom does Samuel celebrate a joint birthday?

As mentioned, Samuel's birthday is also the date of his father's death. Amelia celebrates it on Ruby's birthday instead.


What relation is "Auntie Claire" to Amelia?

Any one of the three choices above would make Claire the "auntie" of Samuel. The least likely choice is that she's Amelia's sister, because the two don't seem genuinely close and Claire isn't very supportive.


Why is Samuel expelled from his school?

Technically, Sam isn't expelled. But the schoolmaster wants to separate him from other students and assign him a monitor, which Amelia can't bear the thought of. So she withdraws him from school.


What does Amelia object to the schoolmaster calling her son?

After the schoolmaster uses this term several times to refer to him, Amelia bursts out with, "Stop calling him that! His name is Samuel!"


Finish the rhyme: "Whether it's in a book, or it's in a look, you ___________."

This sentence appears in the picture book. Its specific phrasing will be important to the movie's climax.


In the first pages of the book, the Babadook claims to be what?

The book starts out as though the Babadook is a funny, friendly creature ... then turns scary. Amelia tries to stop reading, but Samuel insists, "But you said I could choose (a book)."


Where does the book, "Mister Babadook," come from?

Amelia would never have bought such a disturbing book for her impressionable son. Yet there it is on Sam's bookshelf one night -- so we're led to believe that its origin is supernatural.


What does Amelia find in the back of the book?

Those blank pages aren't going to stay blank forever. But the first version of the book Amelia reads ends abruptly with "You're going to wish you were DEAD!" Cheery!


What does Amelia do with the book after reading it?

Amelia takes increasingly drastic measures to get the book out of their lives. Later, she rips it up and puts it in the trash, and even later burns it on a barbecue.


What ailment does their next-door neighbor suffer from?

Mrs. Roach is one of the few characters in the movie who is kind to Amelia and Sam. Almost everywhere else, they are treated with impatience and anger.


Who is Bugsy?

If only Samuel did have an invisible friend! It might have helped him a lot with his anxieties.


What does Samuel do at Ruby's birthday party?

To be fair, Ruby was being awful to Samuel. Meanwhile, it was Amelia who mocked one of the mothers, finding her complaints about not having time for the gym as spoiled compared to Amelia's life of endless work.


How does the doctor explain Sam's fit in the backseat of the car?

Earlier, Sam became hysterical, yelling "Don't let it in!" over and over before becoming non-responsive. Amelia stops the car and gets help from passers-by.


What does Amelia find in her soup?

Amelia finds the glass only in her soup, not Samuel's. She also finds a disfigured photo of herself and Oskar on her bed -- harassment by the Babadook that she suspects Sam of doing.


After the mysterious knocking, what does Amelia find on her doorstep?

The pages that Amelia tore up have been restored. Worse, the blank pages are now filled in with threatening words and pictures.


What, according to the new pages in the book, makes the Babadook stronger?

The exact wording goes: "I'll make you a wager; I'll make you a bet. The more you deny, the stronger I get."


The illustrations on the new pages show Amelia killing whom?

The pop-up illustrations here are really creepy. The final one has Amelia drawing a knife across her throat, and then red jags of paper, representing blood, descending.


Why can't the police help Amelia with her "stalker"?

Amelia's main piece of evidence is the threatening pictures in the book. Unfortunately, with those up in smoke, there's not much the police can do.


What does Oskar, in the basement, ask Amelia to do?

Oskar, played by Ben Winspear, looks like the kindest, most decent husband in the world. But his repeated suggestion -- "You can bring me the boy" -- tells us this is no benign ghost.


What was the last thing Oskar said before he died?

Oskar's last words are very innocent, which makes them sound even more chilling. We hear them at several points throughout the movie. (Bonus points if you know "That guy's got to stop. He'll see us" were James Dean's reported last words)


Who ties Amelia up in the basement?

Samuel's been a basket case for a lot of the movie. But when his mother is possessed by the Babadook, he really pulls it together to fight back.


How does Amelia kill the Babadook?

This is where the phrase "You can't get rid of the Babadook" becomes important. In the end, Amelia chases the monster down to the basement and locks it in. The best she can hope for is to control it.


What does Amelia feed the Babadook?

Near the movie's end, Sam is helping her gather the earthworms. Unlike in most of the film, mother and son are now working together to cope with their fears.


In his magic trick in the garden, what does Sam make appear?

The coin is the kind of trick you'd expect a seven-year-old to do, but the dove seems too sophisticated for a young child. Is this a hint that having the Babadook in the basement is giving Sam some kind of special powers?


Throughout the movie, how many people does the Babadook kill?

Only the dog, Bugsy, dies. Otherwise, "The Babadook" wrings a great deal of terror out of a story in which no one is actually killed.


Who directed "The Babadook"?

She went to drama school with Essie Davis, the film's star. Kent tired of an acting career and learned filmmaking by assisting Lars von Trier on "Dogville."


Which famous director from the '70s and '80s called "The Babadook" the most terrifying film he'd ever seen?

Friedkin compared the film favorably to three classics: "Psycho," "Alien" and "Diabolique." (We'll trust he meant the originals of "Psycho" and "Diabolique," both remade to poor critical reception.)


What color is the rose near Amelia in the garden?

Naturally, this led to a lot of fan speculation about its meaning. Black roses can symbolize death, but they are also beautiful, so this could mean Amelia is dealing with her grief in a good way.


To promote the film, the studio sold 9,500 of what item?

Enjoy, little ones! Just kidding: The text was said to be different from what was in the movie. And it has to be said, the artwork in the book was beautiful.


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