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In 2014, Hollywood made a movie about the creepiest thing ever to be sold in toy stores -- the Ouija board! Now, test your memories of this teen thriller with our quiz. If you get stuck, maybe the spirits will help you out!

The movie's three rules for using a Ouija board are: never play alone, never play in a graveyard, and always do what?

We doubt that asking the spirit if it is evil would do much good. "Why, yes! Thanks for asking!"


Shortly before her death, what does Debbie tell Laine the Ouija board told her?

Debbie has just burned the Ouija board, and she implies to Laine that using it has unnerved her. However, she doesn't say what happened when she used it.


What appears on Debbie's bed that upsets her?

The planchette, meanwhile, is on the floor. She looks through its center magnifying glass in an attempt to see if there is a ghost in the room with her. That's when her eye turns milky white and she is possessed.


What does Debbie hang herself with?

Watch for the memorial scene, in which Laine goes into Debbie's room and the lights are back around the mirror. This seems to be a continuity error, since it would be in very poor taste for someone to re-hang them.


What are Debbie and Laine's boyfriends' names, respectively?

The actors, Douglas Smith and Daren Kagasoff, look a good bit alike. Pete (Smith) is the one with curlier hair and puppy-dog eyes.


What is Isabelle's job?

It's possible that Isabelle comes from a humbler background than the other friends, none of whom seem to work. But her home, the one time it's featured, looks as comfortably middle-class as the rest.


When Laine's father texts her to come home "ASAP," what does she think is the issue?

Laine says that her younger sister causes "chaos wherever she goes." It'll soon turn out, though, that Debbie's death is the reason for Mr. Morris's text.


What is Laine's sister's name?

Sarah was played by Ana Coto. As of 2016, "Ouija" was her biggest role.


Why did Debbie start using the board again?

Laine watches video Debbie took of herself, complaining about having to clean the attic. She comes back down with the board, however, seeming happy she found it.


Why does Sarah, who doesn't get along with Laine, go to the seance with her?

Just before leaving, Laine chases off Sarah's older boyfriend, whose car was idling outside the house. It's then that Laine demands that Sarah accompany her to Debbie's house.


At Debbie's house, who is pushed into a mirror?

All the lights go out after the seance. Pete decides that this is his cue to go upstairs, by himself. Maybe the unseen force pushing him into the mirror was Debbie saying, "Get a clue! You're in a horror movie!"


What phrase do the friends see in various places?

This is the phrase with which "Debbie" greeted them. At least, they believe it was Debbie.


Who figures out that the spirit is not really Debbie?

Pete makes up a story about where he and Debbie actually went on their first real, private date. The spirit claims to remember going to "the Lookout" -- but it never happened.


What is unusual about the girl Laine sees through the planchette?

The girl identifies herself as "D.Z." She also tries to warn the five about a malevolent spirit coming.


Who is (apparently) the evil spirit in the house?

D.Z. sends the five the message, "Run ... Mother is coming." An angry woman does appear, and the Ouija board flies into the air with no one touching it.


How does Isabelle die?

Isabelle becomes possessed while drawing a bath. A drowning looks imminent, but instead she levitates and then falls abruptly, her head hitting the sink with fatal force.


Who finds the information about D.Z.'s disappearance?

Pete finds an article about the disappearance of "Doris Zander." Doris's mother was suspected, and in fact, Doris's older sister later killed the mother -- possibly to stop her evil deeds.


Where does Laine find Paulina Zander, the older sister?

Laine goes to the hospital to perform a horror-movie classic: Visiting the Last Living Witness in an Asylum. The location filmmakers used was Eichen House, from MTV's "Teen Wolf."


Who played Paulina Zander?

Shaye is an old hand in the horror business. She played a wise and competent psychic in the "Insidious" films.


Doris Zander served as what for her mother?

Mrs. Zander was a devout spiritualist. In time, Doris wanted to help, and began channeling the spirits for her mother.


Why did Mrs. Zander sew Doris's mouth shut?

According to Paulina, once Doris began channeling spirits, they grew too powerful and omnipresent. Mrs. Zander, who was losing her mind, sewed Doris's mouth shut and later killed her.


In what way was Debbie using the Ouija board in "a graveyard"?

Mrs. Zander had a secret room in the basement. That's where Laine will find Doris's body, Paulina explains.


What does Paulina tell Laine she needs to do?

Laine does this, and it seems to work. Doris's spirit rises up from the desiccated body and screams, and "Mother" is instantly vaporized.


Who does Pete see in his room before he dies?

Pete sees Debbie, with her signature blond braid, standing near his desk. Then, his eyes go white and ... well, you know the deal.


When Laine returns to the psychiatric hospital, what does she learn?

Some viewers undoubtedly saw this coming. As a character on "Firefly" once said, "Curse your shocking but inevitable betrayal!"


How does Trevor die?

Trevor is thrown into the pool by an unseen force. He can't escape because he gets trapped in the pool cover, a kind of floating tarpaulin that wraps around him.


Who briefly appears to help Laine fend off Doris?

Doris is about to sew Sarah's mouth shut when Laine distracts her by using the Ouija board. Debbie's spirit shows up during a struggle for control of the planchette.


What turns up in Laine's room at the movie's end?

The planchette turns up in odd places more often even than the board. It's like Laine and Debbie are part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Planchette!


Which character wasn't in the entire first finished version of the film?

"Ouija" underwent extensive re-shoots -- approximately 50 percent of the film is new material. The "Paulina" character was added as part of this retooling.


While none of the cast were teenagers, which of the film's actors was the youngest?

Cooke, a British actress, was 21. The oldest of the core cast was Douglas Smith, who was 28 at the time of filming.


Bianca A. Santos, who played Isabelle, is known for a role on what successful Freeform series?

Santos plays Lexi Rivera on the show, which is about a lesbian couple who have one biological and four adopted children. "Freeform," if you weren't aware of the name change, is the old ABC Family Channel.


Ouija trivia bonus round: Where did the board get its name?

An early manufacturer claimed that the board itself communicated the name to him. A later promoter gave the more mundane explanation about combining the words "oui" and "ja." We'll let you decide which is more likely.


Ouija trivia bonus round, part 2: Are there spirit boards other than Ouija boards?

Like "Band-Aid," Hasbro's "Ouija" has become almost synonymous with "talking board" or "spirit board." But you could make your own talking board with pen and paper, if you wanted to.


Ouija trivia bonus round, part 3: According to the scientific community, what is causing the movement of the planchette?

Muscle movements too fine to detect consciously are called ideomotor movements. If you've ever played the parlor game of making a pendant swing from your hand just by staring at it, you've experienced this. Tie the pendant to a stationary object and don't touch it, and the "magic ability" just goes away.


Last question: In 1917, a novelist claimed her book was dictated from the afterlife by which American author?

Best marketing gimmick ever! We're surprised it hasn't caught on, and that we're not reading new bestsellers from J.R.R. Tolkien and Margaret Mitchell!


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