How Vain is Your Boss?

By: Brian Whitney
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All of us have to work for a living, at least in one way or another, but not all of us have to deal with a vain boss. Are you one of the people who do?

Does it seem like your boss is trying to keep people fearful of him?

Does your boss sometimes take a project from you and give it to someone else for no reason?

Does he expect you to suck up to him?

Do you ever feel like you have time to get your work done?

Does he or she ever flirt with you?

Does she give your ideas any respect?

Does she give off a vibe that she is better than everyone else?

Does your boss ever ask how your weekend was?

Does your boss tell you about how his weekend went?

Does your boss brag about how much money he makes?

Do you ever catch your boss looking into a mirror?

Does your boss ever throw tantrums?

Does your boss appear to spend a lot of time picking out her clothes?

When you have a meeting, does your boss ever talk about your future with the company?

How would you describe your boss?

Does your boss ever give himself compliments?

Do you think your boss is secretly insecure?

Does your boss ever ignore you when you speak to her?

Does your boss tease you a lot?

Does your boss play favorites?

Does your boss ever call you on your day off?

Do you ever feel that your boss blames you for his mistakes?

Does he lie?

When he does lie does he expect you to not call him on it?

Does your boss try to use their looks to get ahead?

Does your boss seem cocky?

How might your boss describe himself?

Where would your boss be in a team picture.

Is your boss into selfies?

What does your boss have most prominently on his desk?

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