How Sultry Are You?

By: Bri O.
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About This Quiz

It's not exactly easy, being sexy- and it's even harder being sultry. You see, being sultry means you have to channel your sexiness in a way that it just comes out in everything that you do; it's supposed to show both your sensual and passionate sides. Not many people have mastered the art of being sultry, while others are that way without even realizing it. Today, we want to find out how sultry you are, and we're betting you want to know, too.  

Will the questions in our quiz reveal that you're passionate in your sultriness? Do you go after what you want and make no apologies for it? Are you ridiculously sultry? Can you just not help how sexy you are? Are you irresistible in your sultriness? Do people have to hold onto their partners around you because they're afraid of what may happen?  Or are you too sultry to handle? Wherever you fall on the sultry scale is a mystery right now. But you can find out where you lie if you take our quiz. 

So if you want to know what you're starting out with as far as being sultry is concerned, take our quiz. You won't regret it! 

Do you wear perfume/cologne?

How old are you?

How long do you spend getting ready to go out?

Has anyone ever called you a "flirt?"

Would you be able to wear one of your "party/clubbing" outfits to work in a professional setting?

How tight do you like your pants to be?

Who do people usually say you remind them of?

Do you wear lipstick?

Has anyone ever called you a "heartbreaker?"

Do you change your voice when talking to/flirting with someone attractive?

Is mascara a must?

How high are your heels?

Are you charismatic?

When you're at a bar, do attractive people offer to buy you drinks?

Is there a sexy way to sip an alcoholic beverage from a straw?

Do you ever flirt just for the fun of it?

Would you say you have a strong personality?

Are you usually able to find a date when you need or want one?

Would you say you're "experienced?"

What's your best (physical) feature?

Others would describe you as:

How confident are you?

Do you use your eyes to flirt or otherwise communicate?

Do you usually get what you want?

Have you ever been stood up?

Do you enjoy making love interests work for your attention?

Have you ever 'pursued' a crush?

What's the most annoying thing about dating?

How do you feel about "playing hard-to-get?"

Have you ever been rejected?

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