How Should You Get Your Curves in Shape?

By: Teresa M.
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You are absolutely gorgeous but would like to have more energy and get a little bit more toned, and you would love to get yourself in shape before the summer season. How should you do it?

What is your primary reason to get into shape?

Where would you most like to work out?

How would you describe your fitness level?

Who are you most likely to work out with?

What area would you most like to tone up?

What spa treatment would you most likely try?

Which food is your biggest weakness?

Which health food do you like the most?

Which of the following diets have you tried?

What is your biggest workout hurdle?

Which fitness icon do you admire most?

Which healthy drink do you like most?

What low carb food would you like most?

Which vegetable are you most likely to eat as a snack?

Which low fat salad dressing would you try?

What type of exercise have you tried in the past?

If you were to run a marathon, where would it be located?

What are you most likely to wear while working out?

What type of music do you listen to while you work out?

What is your personal fitness goal?

What is your worst food habit?

How would your friends describe your attitude toward getting in shape?

What sport are you most likely to play to get into shape?

Which exercise sounds the least pleasant?

What exercise do you enjoy?

What weight loss program do you think is most effective?

What healthy breakfast food do you like most?

Which vitamin supplement would you add to your regimen?

What would you treat yourself to after you reach your goal?

How many days per week will you try to work out?

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