How Rich Will Your Future Boyfriend Be?

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We probably don't even need to ask, but do you like money? Yeah, we thought so. 

Don't get it twisted: We're not calling you a golddigger or anything like that. Naw, that just isn't our game; there's no crime in enjoying the finer things in life. Trust us, we like money too. It doesn't mean we're obsessed or anything like that (okay, maybe a little), but it's no secret that Benjamins make the world go round.

Mom and Dad tried their absolute hardest to instill in us a solid work ethic and make us appreciate saving money for the things we really wanted. But, tbh, you know what's more fun than spending your own money? Spending someone else's!

If you're like us (aka curious AF) and want to know how rich your future boyfriend will be, then this quiz is most definitely for you. That day-to-day adulting is gonna be a whole lot less of a struggle once you know your someday-dude has a sick net worth. How Gucci is actually being able to afford Gucci?!

So, take our quiz to find out how rich your future boyfriend will be, and get to imagining the life of luxury that awaits you!

Okay, we want you to imagine your ideal future boyfriend. Which phrase best describes the sense of style he's got going on?

You've probably heard eyes are the windows to the soul (blah blah blah). What color eyes do you find most attractive on a guy?

Having a job (whether you like it or not) is a huge part of adulting. What do you think should be the biggest factor in deciding what kind of work a person does?

Personally, are you financially stable?

When he's not making fat stacks, which of these hobbies do you want your future boyfriend to have?

When you're not randomly meeting guys IRL like a rom-com or something, which of these dating apps do you use most often?

After you're married, do you plan on keeping your career?

Your someday-dude tells you to plan a vacation to anywhere in the world. Where are you headed?

Think outside the box with this one. Which of these places are you most likely to meet someone you'd actually date?

Outside of the office, what kind of relationship style do you hope your future boyfriend will have?

If you can have it your way, at what age would you retire?

When you were a kid, did your parents give you an allowance?

If we gave you $1,000 to go shopping, which of these places would you hit up first?

It's finally Friday, fam! Which of these sounds like the most lit weekend?

In high school, which clique do you think had the hottest guys?

We still kinda want to be princesses when we grow up. Which of these Disney movies is the biggest mood?

When you meet a new dude, what's the first thing you notice about him?

On a first date, who do you think should pay?

Let's get physical. What body type are you most into?

Are you comfortable talking about money with bae?

You and your future boyfriend want to get a fur baby! Which of these dogs would you like to have as a pet?

Nobody's perfect. Which of these traits do you think is the absolute worst?

How would you feel about your future boyfriend keeping his financial situation totally secret?

Are the guys you're into usually introverts or extroverts?

Money is nice, but which of these would you take over a bottomless bank account?

Be honest: Are you thirsty for someone to take care of you?

In relationships, what's generally your role?

At the end of your life, what do you hope to leave your children?

We like to think personality counts for something. Which of these traits is most important to you?

How important is money to you?

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