How Redneck Is Your Family?

Jody Mabry

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Every family has their rednecks, but the question is how close to that family are you? Answer these questions to find out how redneck your family actually is!

Where do you live?

Do you own a gun rack?

How do you make a sauna?

How big was the big one that got away?

How does your family dress for a nice dinner?

What is your favorite weekend activity?

What is your favorite snack?

What do you use duct tape for?

How important is WD-40?

How do you take in tobacco?

Who is your favorite wrestler?

Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?

Would you consider NASCAR a sport?

Do other peoples' opinios of you matter?

Which pet can we see around your house?

What is a T-shirt to you?

What radio station is on your car when you turn it on?

What is your favorite TV station?

What is a nice place to eat?

What is on your ballcap?

Where do you buy groceries?

How do you decorate your office?

Where do you hang out with your friends?

What's your favorite hairstyle?

What is your drink?

What do you do to get away?

Where does your family go on vacation?

Where did you meet your significant other?

Do you believe in UFOs?

Do you trust the government?

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