How Optimistic Are You?

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While some of tend to look at the bright side of everything that happens to us in life, others tend to think nothing is ever going to work out. Does your attitude really matter?

You're in love - is it going to work out long term?

You have worked hard, and your boss is about to promote someone - will it be you?

Is your favorite team going to win it all next year?

Does your partner ever cheat on you?

How many people would steal if they knew they would not get caught?

Are most people racist?

You are a Bernie Sanders fan. Trump won. How do you feel?

You have a new mole on your back. What do you think?

It feels like a cold is coming on. What do you think?

You are at a bar and see someone you are attracted to. What do you do?

Will the universe provide?

Are people inherently good, or inherently bad?

You can't find your wallet, what do you think?

Will the United States ever be invaded?

Why do politicians get in their line of work?

Your cat has been missing for a day. Will he come back?

How long will you live?

How many good friends do you have?

You are thinking about a marathon. Can you do it?

Your best friend is getting married. Will it affect your friendship?

You are starting your own business. How will it do?

Are you or would you be a good parent?

Your 10-year-old kid stole a candy bar. What do you think?

You are up to bat during the company softball league game, with the bases loaded. What is going to happen?

You just did a big presentation at work, how did it go?

You just flirted with someone you like. What did they think?

Your new job is commission only. How will you do?

You are in Vegas for a conference. Do you hit the casino?

Why do pro athletes play sports?

You meet a psychic. Do you ask him questions about your life?

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