How Obsessed With Christmas Are You?

By: Kennita L.
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Christmas is hands down one of the best holidays of the year. But there are those who think it's more than just a time to get presents; these people live, eat, and breathe Christmas. Are you one of them?

How excited are you for Christmas this year?

How many Christmas trees do you have in your house?

When do you put up your main Christmas tree?

What kind of tree is your favorite?

What color scheme are you decorations going to be this year?

Your Christmas lights are...

How many presents do you usually put under your tree?

How much money do you normally spend on Christmas presents?

What do you usually give as presents?

If you give a gift, do you expect anything back?

How would you react if a grandparent gave you a very ugly pair of pajamas?

And when do you start shopping for Christmas?

Are you having or going to a Christmas lunch or dinner?

What's the best Christmas food, hands down?

What do you usually do at Christmas parties?

Which holiday movie is your favorite?

What did you do when your parents put you in Santa's lap when you were younger?

Which of Santa's reindeer is your favorite?

What nickname would you call Santa Claus if you ever met him?

As far as Christmas carols go, which one do you like the best?

Complete the lyric: We wish you a/an ____________ Christmas.

What time do you usually wake up on Christmas Day?

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

What other version of Christmas would you like to try?

If a stranger was to wish you a Merry Christmas, what would your response be?

What did your true love give to you on the twelfth day of Christmas?

How do you feel about people who don't like Christmas?

What's the mood in your house normally like on Christmas Eve?

What's the bets thing about Christmas?

If there was no Christmas, what would be your favorite holiday?

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