How Observant are You?

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Observant people can take in even the smallest details. From the time of day to where buttons are on clothes, observant people take note. Do you? Take the quiz to find out!

Do you practice mindfulness?

What was the punctuation mark at the end of the last question's first multiple choice answer?

How often do you catch other's grammar mistakes?

Did you catch the grammar mistake in the last question?

What is the first thing you notice when you take an exam (aside from the piece of paper in front of you)?

What side are the buttons on men's button-up shirts?

What side are the buttons on women's button-up shirts?

What side is the button on women's jeans?

Whose face is on the US penny?

How many stripes are on the U.S. flag?

What is the geometric shape of a standard stop sign?

How many Presidents' faces are carved into Mt. Rushmore?

What colors are in the Canadian flag?

What article of clothing did question number eight refer to?

Honestly, are you any good at finding Waldo?

Can you tell when someone is lying?

How many seconds pass between the time a traffic light turns to yellow then to red?

How many teeth are in the standard, healthy adult mouth?

The last question asked about what part of the human body?

Which describes your reaction when someone tells you a joke?

How would you describe yourself?

Of the following, which appeals to you the most?

What is the first thing you notice when sitting in grass outside?

Do you ever lose track of time when working on an interesting project?

Can you read lips?

Whose face is on the US ten dollar bill?

Which letter does the arrow in Amazon's logo point to?

How many colors are in Google's logo?

What's the average height of American women?

How many arrows are in the FedEx logo?

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