How much do you remember the horror classic, "Misery"?

By: Lenore Brown
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A 1990 American psychological thriller film based on Stephen King's 1987 novel, "Misery," is the story of a psychotic fan who holds an author captive and forces him to write her stories. Think you remember the details? Take this quiz and let's see how much you remember.

Which actor plays the role of Paul Sheldon in the movie?

What is Paul Sheldon's profession?

Where does Paul like to go to write his novels?

Paul writes a series of romance novels focused around a central character by what name?

What time of year does Paul travel back to New York from his cabin?

What causes Paul to drive off the road?

How was Paul rescued from his wrecked car?

Where does Annie take Paul after his accident?

Which actress plays the role of Annie Wilkes?

What was Annie Wilkes' profession?

What does Annie tell Paul when he wakes up?

What reason does Annie give Paul for not taking him directly to a hospital?

What does Annie give Paul every day?

Who calls the Silver Creek sheriff looking for Paul?

What does Paul let Annie do as a reward for saving his life?

What does Annie dislike about Paul's new manuscript?

What catches Sheriff Buster's eye while driving down the mountain road during his search for Paul?

What does Annie excitedly tell Paul she recently bought while in town?

What happens in "Misery's Child" that gets Annie very upset?

Out of anger, what does Annie make Paul do?

What does Paul start hiding from Annie?

With what does Annie surprise Paul to help him start writing again?

After complying to write a new book, what item does Paul request Annie to get?

What does Paul find on the ground and use to pick the lock to his room?

What does Annie want the title of the new book to be?

When Paul lets Annie read the first few pages of the new manuscript for "Misery's Return," what does he ask Annie to do?

What is Paul's plan to stop Annie so he can escape?

How does Annie know Paul has been out of his room?

When Paul escapes from his room, what information does he find out about Annie?

When Annie finds out that Paul has been leaving his room, what does she do?

How does Buster come to the conclusion that Paul is at Annie's farm?

How does Paul escape from the house?

The movie, "Misery," is based on what?

What is the name of the author who wrote the novel?

"Misery" would be found under what genre?

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