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How much do you remember about your favorite neighborhood psychopath, Michael Myers? Take this quiz to find out just how many creepy details you can recall about this horror classic!

What year was Halloween released?

Halloween was released in 1978 to mixed reviews at first. Some felt the movie wasn't original and copied off previous horror masters. As time went on, though, positive reviews began to stream in, as did audiences. Halloween is now considered to be a horror classic.


Who played Laurie Strode?

Jamie Lee Curtis played the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween and several sequels and offshoots of the film. Horror films run in her family, as her mother was Janet Leigh, best known for the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.


What was Laurie's part-time job?

Laurie Strode was a babysitter, and she was seen as having a low-key social life as compared to her friends. She babysat a little boy named Tommy regularly, but also ended up babysitting a girl named Lindsey when her friend asked for a favor. Tommy told her he saw the boogeyman outside, before Laurie could figure out what was coming.


How many friends did Laurie have?

Laurie had two friends, Annie and Lynda. Annie had dark hair and was a bit of a rebel, while Lynda had blonde hair and was a ditzy, friendly type of girl. Both of them ragged on Laurie about her lack of a boyfriend or a social life. During Michael's killing spree, they both died.


When he was a little boy, what costume did Michael Myers wear?

When Michael was a little boy, he wore a clown costume for Halloween. It was in this costume that he killed one of his sisters on Halloween night. Later, in Halloween IV and V, we see the little girl, Jamie, wearing a similar costume.


What character's mask was Michael's mask made out of?

Halloween masks of Captain Kirk, as portrayed by William Shatner, were popular around the time Halloween was released. The movie was very low on budget, so the mask for Michael's character was made from a Captain Kirk Halloween mask. The eyebrows and sideburns were removed from the mask and it was painted white. The eyes were reshaped and the hair was modified. The crew found it to be the creepiest mask of all the options they tried.


What was Michael Myers' weapon of choice?

Michael's weapon of choice is a large knife, though he has been known to use a scalpel and other similar items when a regular knife isn't available. He typically uses an upright stabbing motion on his victims, versus an uppercut gesture. One might wonder how he would fare in knife throwing.


In what city did Laurie live?

Haddonfield, Illinois, is where Laurie and her friends live. It is a regular-looking suburban neighborhood, the kind in which people wouldn't lock their doors. After Laurie is hunted by Michael and her friends are killed, the town begins to feel like it has a cloud over it on Halloween.


After doing laundry, Laurie's friend Annie was murdered. How was she murdered?

After wandering back and forth outside multiple times and getting stuck in the laundry room for awhile, Laurie's friend Annie was murdered in her car by being choked to death. The audience was led to believe that Annie might get killed by Michael at various points before this scene, leading to a period of immense suspense. Lesson learned: always check your back seat.


What actor played the role of Samuel Loomis?

Donald Pleasence played the roll of Dr. Samuel "Sam" Loomis in the original Halloween movies. He was later portrayed by Malcolm McDowell in a 2007 remake of Halloween and its sequel. Pleasence had numerous memorable roles over his decades-long career, but many remember him for his role in the Halloween movies. He passed away in 1995, and his legacy includes film, television, stage acting, and more.


Who directed Halloween?

John Carpenter is known for directing other favorite films such as Escape From New York, Escape From L.A., and Big Trouble in Little China.


What favor did Annie ask of Laurie?

Annie asked Laurie to watch Lindsey for the night, so she could go out with her boyfriend. In exchange for watching Lindsey, Annie said she would call Ben Tramer, a boy Laurie liked. Laurie was shy around Ben, but Annie offered to break the ice a bit.


What was the name of the little boy Laurie was babysitting?

Tommy was the name of the little boy Laurie was babysitting. He saw the "boogeyman" outside through a window, but when Laurie looked, she didn't see anything. Later, when Lindsey came over, it appeared that the two children possibly had a crush on each other. The two children do survive Michael's attacks and manage to make it through the night unscathed.


In what body part did Michael stab Laurie, near the end of the movie?

After Laurie stabbed Michael in the face with a wire hanger, she stumbled toward the doorway of the bedroom and sat there exhausted. Later, he sat up behind her and, as she began to stand up and drag her feet forward, he stabbed her in the arm/shoulder from behind. The ensuing struggle sent Laurie falling down the stairs, furthering injuring her in her battle to get away from Michael.


What was the name on the headstone on the bed where Lynda was killed?

Judith Myers was the name on the headstone placed above Annie's body on the bed where Lynda was killed. Laurie discovered this house of horrors as she investigated the strange occurrences that happened throughout the night. Judith was Michael's older sister that he killed when he was a little boy. In one of the early scenes of Halloween, we look through the eyes of young Michael as he commits this act of murder.


How was Michael dressed when he killed Lynda?

Lynda and her boyfriend got intimate, and when they were done she asked him to get her a beer. However, while he was away, Michael killed him and reappeared in the doorway of the bedroom wearing a sheet with the boyfriend's glasses. Lynda didn't realize it was not her boyfriend until it was too late. She called Laurie, and while she was on the phone, Michael choked her with the phone cord.


How did Michael kill Lynda's boyfriend?

Lynda's boyfriend went to get her a beer, and while he did, Michael stabbed him in the torso and lifted him up to stab him through to the door. He hung him there like a decoration and even turned his head slightly, as if admiring the view. Michael later joined Lynda, pretending to be her boyfriend by using her boyfriend's glasses and disguising his identity with a costume.


What was Laurie's hobby?

Laurie's hobby was knitting, and she managed to stab Michael with one of her knitting needles in the living room toward the end of the movie. Unfortunately, that was not enough to stop him. Toward the end of the film, flashbacks to each location where Laurie encountered Michael are shown as if to spook the audience even more.


Where did Laurie see Michael when she was walking home from school with Annie?

When Laurie was walking home from school with her friend, Annie, she looked straight ahead in front of her and saw Michael standing beside some tall bushes. When she told Annie to look, Annie saw nothing. Laurie wouldn't walk any further, so Annie went ahead to check it out. She teased Laurie by pretending it was somebody Laurie liked, when really Michael had disappeared.


What was the name of the girl Laurie was babysitting?

Lindsey Wallace was the name of the little girl Laurie was babysitting. She is played by Kyle Richards. Richards was also an actress on Little House on the Prairie and is more recently known for being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The character of Lindsey has a complicated history in the Halloween timeline, with her character somewhat ignored in some but not all of the sequels.


What was the first movie Lindsey and Tommy were watching?

Lindsey and Tommy were watching 1951's The Thing from Another World. This movie is about fighting a vicious alien. Since Michael Myers never seems to die and is vicious himself, this is an oddly appropriate movie for Lindsey and Tommy to watch on Halloween night. They later watch 1956's Forbidden Planet.


What kind of doctor was Sam Loomis?

Dr. Loomis was Michael's psychiatrist after Michael killed his parents. Loomis stated that Michael's eyes were evil, that Michael was pure evil. Ever since, he knew that Michael could never be allowed to roam free. When Michael escaped, Loomis worked vigilantly to try to recapture him and continued to do so throughout many of the Halloween sequels.


What was Laurie carrying in the beginning of the movie when she was walking home?

Laurie was carrying her school books home. She was wearing a cardigan, turtleneck, and tights, which showed a more conservative style than her two friends. Lynda was the first to reach her house, followed by Annie. Laurie accidentally ran into Annie's father when she became distracted by her intuition and concern, as she felt that she really did see Michael prior to that moment.


What did Annie's father do for a living?

Annie's father was a police officer, and his character said one of the more memorable lines from the movie. He said to Laurie, "everyone's entitled to one good scare" on Halloween. Later, in one of the Halloween sequels, Laurie is told this by another character and responds with, "I've had my share."


How old was Michael when he murdered his sister, Judith?

Michael was only six years old when he stabbed his sister, Judith, at home while she was brushing her hair. He was wearing a clown costume that year for Halloween, and the use of a clown costume is revisited in later Halloween movies. After Michael killed Judith, we see him standing outside his house holding the knife but not saying a word.


How old is Michael Myers as an adult in Halloween?

When Michael is shown as an adult in Halloween, he is supposed to be 21 years old, four years old than his sister Laurie. We do see Michael drive, but we don't see him drink or do anything else that a typical 21-year-old might do. Obviously, though, Michael is not the typical 21 year old.


What was the name of the institution in which Michael Myers was locked up?

After Michael murdered Judith Myers, he was locked up at Smith's Grove Sanitarium for many years. This was a mental health facility and detainment center for criminally insane people; however, its minimum security was not enough to hold Michael. Dr. Sam Loomis was his psychiatrist, but little to no progress was made with Michael.


Where did Michael Myers land after being shot by Dr. Loomis at the end of the movie?

Dr. Loomis rescued Laurie and shot Michael several times at the end of the movie. The force of the shots pushed Michael over the upstairs balcony, and he landed on the ground on his back. However, when Loomis looked over the balcony edge, Michael was gone. This trend continues throughout the sequels; Michael never tends to stay effectively dead.


What did Laurie use to defend herself against Michael after being trapped in a closet?

While trapped in the closet, Laurie broke down a wire hanger to defend herself against Michael as he tried to break his way through the closet door. She aimed expertly and stabbed him in the eye, which momentarily incapacitated him and allowed her to escape the closet. Unfortunately, he didn't stay incapacitated for long.


How did Tommy refer to Michael when he saw him outside?

Tommy told Laurie that he saw the boogeyman outside, across the street. When Laurie looked, she didn't see anything. Until she went to investigate some strange occurrences and missing friends, she didn't encounter Michael any more than a brief glimpse. It's almost as if Michael was taunting her to come find him.


The first Halloween film spawned a franchise. How many Halloween movies are there in total?

There are technically eight movies in the original Halloween series, although Halloween and Halloween II were remade several years later. These eight movies, however, do not follow the same chronological timeline, and they do not all feature Laurie Strode. In fact, Halloween III: Season of the Witch lacks both Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The only reference to Michael is the playing of the original Halloween movie on two television screens in the movie.


What was Michael wearing with his mask?

Michael typically wears a black one-piece worksuit or jumpsuit with black work boots and his mask. Though, depending on the situation, he has worn a white sheet and glasses and other masks at times in some of the sequels. We do see Michael's face for a brief moment when his mask is ripped off, but he immediately puts the mask back on.


Why does Michael kill on Halloween?

Michael kills on Halloween because it is the anniversary of the day he killed his sister, Judith. Every year on Halloween, Laurie has to be extra careful and take precautions just in case he finds her. In one of the sequels, we see the evolution of Laurie's character as she becomes more and more stressed as Halloween approaches.


What was Judith Myers doing when Michael killed her?

Judith Myers was sitting at her vanity brushing her hair when Michael entered her room and stabbed her to death. Before that, she had been canoodling with her boyfriend. Michael saw this, and the movie leads you to believe he may have killed her for this reason. However, we really don't know why he killed her other than the fact that he is evil and psychotic.


What animal got killed in the movie?

Annie had a German Shepherd outside her house. At one point in the movie, the dog was barking incessantly and then suddenly stopped. The audience later sees that Michael killed the dog to avoid further investigation from Annie. Rest assured that no animals were really harmed in the making of Halloween.


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