How Much Do You Remember From Auto Shop Class?

By Steven Symes on February 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Dust off your old textbook, grab your torque wrench, and get ready to see how much you remember from auto shop way back in high school. Can you open the hood of a car and immediately find your way around the different parts? Do you know the difference between SAE and metric? Were you the teacher's pet, or were you the screw-up who sat in the back of the class? Now is the time to gauge just how much information you retained. 

Auto shop might have felt like a breath of fresh air for some people. Instead of writing equations on the board or diagramming sentences, you got to roll up your sleeves and wrench at school. Aside from PE and art, it's about the only time you got to work with your hands at school. If taken properly, the class would also arm you with a fair amount of basic automotive knowledge. Remembering what you learned can save you serious bucks by allowing you to do preventative maintenance on your car, and knowing when a mechanic is trying to pull a fast one. 

See just how much you remember from auto shop and take the quiz now! 

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