Can You Get a Perfect Score on Today's World Geography Quiz?

By Lenore Brown on May 09, 2018

About This Quiz

How much do you know about this dusty globe on which we tread? It's a tremendously intricate place, full of mountains, valleys, oceans, seas, lakes, canyons, plateaus, cities of all sizes and shapes ... and even some pretty neat places to eat! In this quiz, we'll see how much you know about the layout of our world.

Everyone knows about the Grand Canyon, but do you know where the Linville Gap is located? It's just as beautiful, if not quite as deep and rocky.  You know about Mount Everest, but do you know in which country it's found?  Get a perfect score on this quiz and you might just feel as if you've summited that noble peak without ever having to leave your desk!

Man-made works are as big a part of our planet's geography as those created by nature.  Sure, you can probably locate Paris on a map, but how about the Basque region? (Speaking of great places to eat ...)  You can pick out Japan on a map, but how about the island of Okinawa, where the Japanese residents are of a different cut than those in the main part of the country?

We'll send you trooping across the globe in this quiz, so pack your bags and get started!

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