How Much Do You Know About These Famous Kings?

By Mark Laufgraben on August 01, 2018

About This Quiz

For centuries, the monarchy was the political foundation of the entire world. Civilizations separated by vast chasms of space, culture, and language all knelt before the thrones of their mighty kings. But these people were anything but uniform. They were as different from one another as can be imagined, strong and weak, brave and cowardly, cunning and foolhardy. The price of granting power through noble birth was to put the fates of entire nations into the hands of the genetic lottery. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, not in some backstreet gambling den, but rather on the entire stage of human history.

Besides personality traits, there were the simple truths of genetics to consider. In order to maintain the supposed purity of their royal blood as well as the practical considerations of consolidating and acquiring wealth and title, a limited number of noble families married into each other again and again and again. Over time, this resulted in increased genetic diseases and malformities, creating an additional challenge for those born into nobility. 

In spite of all of this, though, few can question the dignity and aristocratic bearing with which these monarchs held themselves. Indeed, you can see their nobility shine through in the images we have in this very quiz. Can you identify these kings by their royal portraiture? A great challenge, to be sure. Are you worthy of it?

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