How Much Do You Know About the World's Most Dangerous Cars?

By Craig on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you know which car that was featured in "Back to the Future" has picked up a reputation for danger? Know which compact Chinese import has a bad habit of dismantling test dummies? Have you heard about the Pontiac model that would occasionally burst into flames for no known reason? Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most dangerous cars ever built!

Let's face it -- there are no perfect products, but the stakes of buying a lousy car are way higher than splurging on a poor quality TV. Not only could you find yourself stranded with no way to work or school, but you could also find yourself at higher risk of accidents, injury, or even death if you end up with an unsafe ride.

Sure, safety standards have increased dramatically over the years, and statistically, cars are safer now than at any other point in history. Of course, that's little comfort for people who find out they're driving a car with a gas pedal that tends to stick, brakes that frequently fail or tires that have been known to blow at just the wrong time. 

After all, smashing vehicles packed with crash test dummies into a wall in a laboratory can only tell us so much. Quite often, the real dangers of a car aren't apparent until it's used in the real world, or in large numbers.

Think you know all about the most dangerous cars in the history of the industry? Take out the quiz to find out!

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