84.7% of People Can't Ace This World Geography Quiz. Can You?

By Lenore Brown on May 07, 2018

About This Quiz

How well did you fare in geography class? Take this quiz to find out just how much you remember.

Geography ranks right up there with science and math as one of the least favorite academic subjects. In fact, most surveys indicate that people from the United States are less informed about world geography than the citizens of most other western nations. 

Most sources also agree that people who live in the United States travel far less than citizens of most other developed countries. Although some argue that this is because people in the United States have no interest in other countries, we choose to believe that it's because most other countries are... well... connected. People in Europe travel quite a bit because travel to and through Europe is relatively easy for Europeans. It's quite expensive and time-consuming for people who live in the U.S. to travel to Europe, much less Asia or other continents. We here in the U.S. have few  inexpensive options to visit foreign countries, except for a driving trip to Canada or Mexico.

So, the reasons for the lack of travel aside, it is important for people in the United States to have at least a basic understanding of world geography. If you think you can navigate the geography of the world, take this quiz.

Let's get started.

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