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What were bathing suits like during the Victorian era?

Women had to keep their entire bodies covered except for their arms from the elbow down. Women wore black stockings to​ cover their legs.

Which 5 names were the most popular boys name at the time?

These names sound so unfashionable today. In 2016, it is hard to find a baby boy named​ Edward or Charles.

What strange and creepy photography became popular during this time?

Sometimes, the living family members would pose with the dead loved one in order to make it look like the person was still alive.

What was the Great Stink of 1858?

One positive​ outcome of the Great Stink was that Parliament finally had to react to the terrible sewer conditions and ordered a new sewer system to be built.

What period of time does the Victorian Era mark the end of?

The Romantic period was a reaction against the Enlightenment. The Romantics valued emotion, passion, and the uniqueness of the individual​. These values are quite opposite of the values that would rise during the Victorian Era.

What were the values of the Victorian Era?

The values of the Victorian era were really the values of the middle class which was increasing in size and power. Many oi the middle-class aspired to join the higher ranks and therefore, tried to act "properly." Acting properly meant following a strict code of morals, working hard, and being thrifty​.

Who was Queen Victoria?

Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn​, the fourth son of King Geroge III. Bother her father and King George III died in 1820. At age 18, after her father's brothers had all died, she inherited the throne.

What little revolution was her grandfather, George III famous or?

George III did not want to let the Americans gain their independence at it was a very large and prosperous territory of Britain​.

What disease plague the Brits during the Victorian Era?

The overcrowding and poor housing conditions in London contributed to the rise of a Cholera epidemic in Victorian England. Cholera is spread via the bacteria-lace diarrhoea of its victims.

Which doctor discovered the cause of the cholera epidemic?

In a public heath report, Jon Snow declared that cholera was transmitted through the dirty and polluted drinking water of London.

Why is the Victorian​ Era called the Victorian era?

The Victorian Era is the period of Queen Victoria's reign from June 20, 1837, ​until her on death, on January 22, 1901.

Who was responsible for building the new sewer system?

Joseph Bazalgette designed the new sewer system, ​and the first section opened in 1865.

What world changing technological revolution begin in England before and during the Victorian Era?

Cotton, cotton, cotton. The industrial revolution all started with the textile industry. Making cloth by hand for pants, shirts sock, and other domestic items were incredibly time-consuming. A series of innovations during the late 18th century led to the creation of factories that sped up the process. Cotton, which came from India and the Southern United States, was less expensive. Cotton + factories​ = faster production, larger amounts of product, and more money for England.

What was one major downside of the British Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution created many jobs which led to an overpopulation of cities. This overcrowding resulted in poor living conditions (such as the ones that resulted in Cholera). The smoke from the factories and the fifth of the overcrowded English streets led to ill health. The air was polluted, ​and the water became contaminated. Worse, there weren't any child labor laws and children were risking their lives working in these factories.

What does the common Victorian phrase, "pea soup" refer to?

The smoke from the factories settled over London in a constant dense and creepy fog​.

What genre of book was born during this period?

The Gothic Novel generally if not always, takes place during the Victorian Era.

Which work of literature was a famous Gothic novel written during this period?

Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, are three famous examples of famous Victorian Gothic novels.

Who was Queen Victoria's husband?

Albert was her husband, companion, and political adviser.

How many children did Albert and Victoria have?

Victoria Adelaide Mary, Princess Royal, Albert Edward, King of England as Edward VII, Alice Maud Mary, Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Helena Augusta Victoria, Louise Caroline Alberta, Arthur William Patrick, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Leopold George Duncan, Duke of Albany and finally, Leopold George Duncan, Duke of Albany.

How long did Queen Victoria mourn Albert's death?

After Robert's death, Victoria entered a depression and withdrew from the public, causing her popularity to wane. Her new nickname became, "Widow of Windsor."

What was the Great Exhbition?

Prince Albert was a huge promoter of the exhibition. The purpose was to illustrate the role of Great Britain​ as the industrial leader of the world.

What was the Crystal Palace?

The Crystal Palace was built by Joseph Paxton with support from Charles Fox and resembled a gigantic​ greenhouse. It was built in just nine months.

What famous unidentified murderer roamed the streets of Victorian London?

Considered the original serial killer, Jack the Ripper murdered at least five​ prostitutes in the East End of London. The identity of the murderer was never uncovered.

What major scientific discovery occurred​ during the Victorian era?

Did you know that the term scientist was a Victorian invention? There were many major discoveries made during the Victorian time, including the discovery of electromagnetic waves, dinosaurs, and the planet Neptune. ​

What odd event did the Victorians get great joy out of?

Victorian funerals were huge and often included professional mourners. Clocks were stopped at the moment of death, curtains were thrown over windows, and mirrors were covered. ​

What major mode of transportation transformed life in Victorian England?

The combination of the advent of factories and the speed of trains ​led to more free time for the middle class. Previously, the concept of leisure time did not exist for anyone but the upper class. Now, middle-class Victorians were able to a train to the beach for a nice little vacation.

What British buildings of art and culture, were built during the Victorian era?

Prince Alber loved the Arts! Under his patronage, many museums were erected as well as the Royal Opera​ House.

How long were women expected to mourn after the death of their husband?

Queen Victoria chose to mourn the rest of her life, but most Victorian women were expected to withdraw from life for at least a year, no matter their social position.

What famous theorists and scientists saw huge success during this period?

Darwin published his Theory of Evolution during, this time; Freud developed modern physiatry, ​and Marx developed a new economic theory.

How would you decorate a Victorian home?

Everything was over the top. Lots of colors were used, wallpaper with intricate designs lined the walls, carpets covered the floors, chandeliers hung from the ceilings, and a mass amount of paintings lined the walls​.

Who is Thomas Crapper?

In 1891 Thomas Crapper produced a valve and siphon​ system. His company began to produce water closes.

What were the 5 top girls names?

Some of these names like Emma and Anna ​are still popular today but Florence and Ethel? Not so much.

Which political or social Movement began during the Victorian Era?

The Temperance movement was a Victorian social movement against the consumption of alcohol. Teetotalism​ came a bit later in the 1930s and wanted to ban all alcohol, rather than calling for moderation. The suffragette movement picked up later on during the Victorian Era.

Was tanning considered attractive?

if a Victorian​ woman had a tan, it meant they were part of the working class. Having smooth, white skin, meant you were an upper class Brit.

When did the Victorian era end?

The death of Victoria saw the end of this era. After her death her eldest son, Edward ​took the throne, and the Edwardian era began.

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