How much do you know about the Victorian Era?

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Think you know everything there is to know about this highly moralistic, straightlaced, era? Prove it! Put your money where your sauce-box is and find out! Let's get started!

What were bathing suits like during the Victorian era?

Which 5 names were the most popular boys name at the time?

What strange and creepy photography became popular during this time?

What was the Great Stink of 1858?

What period of time does the Victorian Era mark the end of?

What were the values of the Victorian Era?

Who was Queen Victoria?

What little revolution was her grandfather, George III famous or?

What disease plague the Brits during the Victorian Era?

Which doctor discovered the cause of the cholera epidemic?

Why is the Victorian​ Era called the Victorian era?

Who was responsible for building the new sewer system?

What world changing technological revolution begin in England before and during the Victorian Era?

What was one major downside of the British Industrial Revolution?

What does the common Victorian phrase, "pea soup" refer to?

What genre of book was born during this period?

Which work of literature was a famous Gothic novel written during this period?

Who was Queen Victoria's husband?

How many children did Albert and Victoria have?

How long did Queen Victoria mourn Albert's death?

What was the Great Exhbition?

What was the Crystal Palace?

What famous unidentified murderer roamed the streets of Victorian London?

What major scientific discovery occurred​ during the Victorian era?

What odd event did the Victorians get great joy out of?

What major mode of transportation transformed life in Victorian England?

What British buildings of art and culture, were built during the Victorian era?

How long were women expected to mourn after the death of their husband?

What famous theorists and scientists saw huge success during this period?

How would you decorate a Victorian home?

Who is Thomas Crapper?

What were the 5 top girls names?

Which political or social Movement began during the Victorian Era?

Was tanning considered attractive?

When did the Victorian era end?

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