How Much Do You Know About the USC vs UCLA Football Rivalry?

By J. Reinoehl on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Brrr! It's cold in here! There's a cold war brewing in California, and this rivalry has been brewing for decades! Professional sports might have you cheering between Yankees/Red Sox or Giants/Cowboys, but in the world of the NCAA, the rivalry is between USC and UCLA. How much do you know about their football rivalry?

Fighting over the same city, USC and UCLA are no strangers to fighting over their turf. Found across all sports, their rivalry goes into basketball, soccer, and even fencing. Within their smaller rivalries, UCLA dominates in basketball, but everyone's truly watching these two teams within their football rivalry. 

Just a 20-minute drive from each other, the Bruins' and the Trojans' rivalry is one of the oldest within NCAA sports. Often referred to as the Crosstown Showdown, USC and UCLA are facing up against each other every season. Their rivalry continues with every game, a trophy being passed on from winner to winner. Can you remember all that goes into this deep-rooted rivalry?

Can you name USC and UCLA's mascots? Do you know which school leads their rivalry? Do you know which team NFL professionals Troy Aikman and Reggie Bush played for? If you can, you're ready for this quiz!

With a rivalry that's been going on for 60+ years, how much do you know about the USC vs. UCLA football rivalry? Enough to win the Lexus Gauntlet time and time again? Let's find out!

Are you making it to the top of this rivalry?

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