How Much Do You Know About the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?

By: Isadora Teich
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In the words of Indiana Jones: "Nazis. I hate these guys." 

People almost universally agree that Nazism is one of the most disgusting ideologies ever to darken the planet. At its core is a set of beliefs, each one worse than the last. First, Nazis embraced a fundamentally racist and pseudoscientific worldview about human potential and morality, that justifies enslaving and murdering those from races that said "science" labels inferior. This was expanded to include anyone deemed genetically deficient, such as the disabled and the homosexual. 

Second, Nazi policy permitted wars of conquest, with colonization of countries without their consent, with the best art and culture of those lands to be looted and taken for Nazis to enjoy themselves, and their populations then exploited for gain. 

Third, Nazi society itself was arranged with a fascist leadership, zero freedom of speech, a patriarchal hierarchy that reduced women to broodmares and little else, and a corporatist economic structure that doled out wealth and advantages to friends of the regime, using a false populism to promise comfort to the working man while screwing him behind his back.

Fortunately, only once in human history has this despicable creed managed to take over a country. Even so, while it only happened once and lasted just fifteen years, it wiped out millions of people, invented industrialized genocide and leveled whole nations. 

It's vital to know how it happened, so that we can truly say, "Never again." Let's see whether you know the facts of this horrific past and fill in any gaps.

During which years was Germany under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler?

What led to such widespread economic trouble in Germany, paving the way for Hitler's rise to power?

What was Hitler's first title as a German leader?

What did the Nazi Party promise to do for Germany?

The power of the Nazi regime was considered to be embodied in:

Which of these was a central theme of the Nazi regime?

Nazi Germany seized power by ________ opposition.

About how many people died as a result of the Holocaust?

The largest group of people targeted by the Nazis was:

Which was the first country Nazi Germany took?

Germany's invasion of which country started World War II?

By what year had the Nazis conquered most of Europe?

In World War II, Nazi Germany was on the side of the:

A failed invasion of which country was a turning point for Nazi Germany, and the beginning of their decline?

In World War II, The Axis Powers were eventually defeated by the _________.

Where did Allied forces invade on D-Day?

Who conquered Nazi Germany in the East, contributing majorly to their downfall?

What did the Nazis restore in Germany, which made them popular with many Germans?

Did Hitler accept defeat as World War II ended?

Why did Hitler kill thousands of his own people at the end of World War II?

Which rights of the people did Nazi Germany attack and destroy to consolidate power?

What checks were there on Hitler's power within German government?

How many political parties were there in Nazi Germany?

Which of these was key to Hitler's rise to power?

The first concentration camp built by Nazi Germany was for:

Who did Nazis mainly seek to dehumanize through propaganda?

Did Germany and Japan cooperate well during World War II?

Which of these countries was the first to declare war on Germany?

Why did Germany declare war on America?

Allied bombings of __________ played a big part in destroying German war efforts.

Did Hitler commit suicide before or after the war was lost?

What happened to German citizens who refused to comply with Nazi laws about those deemed "undesirable"?

After the suicides of Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, what did most of the remaining German forces do?

What does the signing of the German Instrument of Surrender mark?

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