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Do you love to watch Ghost Adventures or shows like it? Do you love to watch paranormal movies that are based on "real events"? Are you a paranormal investigator yourself? Prove just how much you know about the paranormal​ by taking this quiz!

What does the word paranormal mean?

Broken down, para is a prefix that means “beyond, past, by” and normal is the "mean, natural, standard". Therefore, paranormal means something beyond what we view as natural. ​


When was the first known use of the word?

The term, however, may have been used earlier by the members of the Society of Psychical Research established​ in London in 1882.


What are the most notable paranormal beliefs?

All of the above including physic abilities, cryptids, demons, and so much more!


What is a cryptid?

​Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience that studies cryptids, animals that have been derived from stories with insufficient evidence.


What is an anecdotal approach​ to paranormal investigations?

Due to lack of scientific evidence, many paranormal investigations are based​ on collecting stories of encounters.


Who was Charles Fort?

He published these stories in in five books, The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932).


What is parapsychology?

Telepathy, clairvoyance, recognises, and psychokineses, are examples of what is studied in parapsychology​.


What famous prime minister met the ghost of Abraham​ Lincoln?

Sometime after WWII, Winston Churchill stayed at the White House. During a bath in which he was smoking a cigar and drinking some scotch, Mr. Churchill encountered the ghost of Lincoln. Considering he was stark naked, Churchill reacted to the apparition of the president by saying, "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage." According to the story, Lincoln smiled and faded away.


What is the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry?

In 1975, Paul Kurtz, a secular humanist philosopher, and progressor invited as many skeptical researchers he could find to a conference that would later lead to the committee. After it had disbanded​, many of the members came together to form the CPI. These members included, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, B.F. Skinner, and Philip J. Klass joined Kurtz, Randi, Gardner, and Hyman.


What famous WWII scientist believed in telepathy?

The famous computer scientist believed in telepathy.


What is an EVP?

Thomas Edison suggested the possibility of creating a machine that would allow people to communicate with the dead.


What was the "Ghostbuster ruling"?

Because he was from out of town, Stanbovsky had never heard of the stories told by the Ackley family about the existence of numerous poltergeists in the home. A New York Supreme Court dismissed the ruling. He was forced to forfeit the downpayment, but was no longer obligated to buy the house. Despite the loss to Stanbovsky, the New York Appellate court ruled that, because a routine home inspection would never uncover it, sellers must disclose that a house is haunted to potential buyers.


How many people experience some type of haunting or ghostly phenomena?

1 out of 10 people reports​ seeing apparitions, sensing a presence, drastic temperature changes, or offensive odors


In what year was one of the best known ghost photo taken?

Sybell Corbette took a picture at the Cobermere Abbey in Cheshire, England in an unoccupied room. In the photo, a man is sitting in a chair. He was later identified as a relative of Lord COmbere who had died in an accident​ 5 days earlier.


What is an aura?

People who have undergone trauma in their lives may have an aura that is 50 feet around them for added protetion.


What is the difference between a poltergeist and a ghost?

The main difference between a ghost and a poltergeist is that a ghost is the spirit of a deceased human being whereas poltergeists are considered forms of energy which a living person controls unknowingly​.


What is an ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm is a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits.


When was the first seance conducted?

While the date of the first séance is unknown, one of the earliest books on communicating with the dead was written by Geroge, First Baron of Lyttelton. His book, "Communication with the Other Side" was published in England in 1970. The seance became exceedingly popular with the founding of Spiritualism in the mid-nineteenth century


What is automatic writing?

As with many paranormal things, it became popular with the Spiritualist movemement.


What does an orb look like?

Orbs are often round and can be transparent or translucent​. They hover and fly at will and are believed to be the spirits of the deceased. They are often seen in photographs. They are different that balls of dust.


How are Past Life Regressions conducted?

Once hypnotized​, the subject answers a series of questions to reveal identities and events from past lives.


What is a shadow person?

Shadow people are completely black and move very quickly. Their silhouettes are often of a man, and they can be 2 or 3 dimensional. Some people believe that the shadow people are evil entities while other​s believe they are spirits.


Who was one of the first paranormal investigators?

2,000 years ago Pliny the Younger recorded Athenodorus tale of a haunting in a large home in Athens. The house was notorious and was quickly deserted. Out of curiosity Athenodorus bought the house and decided to investigate and spend the night. His experience in the house was recorded by Pliny the Younger.


What is an empath?

All of the above! The are numerous traits that are associated with being an empath including being able to feel others feelings, not liking to be in crowded places, and strong intuition​.


What is necromancy?

Necromancy uses magic to raise a body from the dead in to discover​ some hidden knowledge about the past, present, or future.


What is paranormal about the Bermuda Triangle?

In one disappearance, the pilots of a squadron of U.S. Navy bombers became disorientated while flying over the Triangle,They were never heard​ from again.


Which first lady hosted many seances in the White House?

After Mary and Abe's son had passed​ away, Mary Todd was never the same. She began to organise Spiritualist séances in the White House, which were attended by her husband and other prominent members of society.


Can animals be ghosts?

There are many stories of deceased family pets that still like to cuddle.


What is an ovulus?

This spirit communication device was created by Bill Chappel who creates many of the well-known devices for investigating​ the paranormal.


What is DOP?

DOP is a common phenomenon in which an object seemingly disappears before returning.


What technology is used by contemporary paranormal investigators?

Digital voice recorders are used to capture EVPs, infrared​ or night vision cameras are used to capture spirits that the human eye wouldn't ordinarily see, and an EMF (Electromagnetic Field readers) is used to pick up electrically charged objects such as ghosts.


Which of the below people are popular mediums today?

Most famously, Theresa Caputo is the eLong Island medium, Tyler Henry is the teen medium with his show on the E! network, and Chip Coffey has made many appearances and had his own show for​ a while about child mediums.


How many shows about the paranormal are currently​ on TV (20016)?

The top 10 of 2016 according to one website include (in descending order) Haunted Collector, Ghost Hunters International, Paranormal Cops. Ghost Mine, Destination Truth (no longer airing), Paranormal Witness, Paranormal State (reruns airing), The Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, and the best, Ghost Adventures!


Which haunted object was made famous by Ed and Lorraine Warren?

The famous investigating couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren opened an occult museum where they display many of the terrifying objects that encountered on their investigations​.


What movie was based on Ed and Lorraine Warren's experiences?

Many of the best paranormal movies ar based​ on the experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren.


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