How Much Do You Know About the Old South?

By Torrance Grey on March 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Everyone has a general idea about what the "Old South" is -- its tree-lined promenades dripping with moss, its old cemeteries, its mouthwatering cuisine ... and its unhappy history of a centuries-long slave trade and the bloody war fought to end it. Americans have a conflicted relationship with the South and its history -- finding slavery, segregation and racism abhorrent, yet considering the Old South, and even the Confederacy,  very romantic. You need only look at the number of books and movies about the Southern side of the Civil War, compared to the Union side, to know this. From "Gone With the Wind" to "Cold Mountain," writers and filmmakers have invariably chosen to focus on the Confederacy, rather than the Union, as the subject of their war stories.

How well do you really know this complicated region and its history? For example, do you know which states are considered to have made up the Old South? (The entire geographic region doesn't fall under that label). Which one was the capital of the Confederate States of America? And which state gave the CSA its first and only president?

If you're ready to explore this part of America's history, we've created this 35-question quiz on the South of the 18th and 19th centuries. Settle in with a glass of sweet tea and try your luck now!

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