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The Little Princess is a 1939 movie, starring Shirley Temple, that documents a little girl's wait for her father to return from the war. Think you know all about her adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

Where was Sara's father going?

Sara's father was off to serve in the war. Sara was worried about him, but he assured her that he would be back before she knew it. She wasn't so convinced and said it could be a long time.


What toy did Sara have to comfort her while her father was serving in the war?

Sara had a doll to comfort her while her father was away serving in the war. She was sad about her father's departure, but she said that her doll named Emily would keep her company in his absence.


Where did Sara stay while her father was away?

Sara stayed at a boarding school called Miss Minchin's School for Girls. Sara received a private room because her father paid the school as much as he could to make sure she was comfortable.


What did one of the girls in line call Sara?

While talking to another girl in line, one girl called Sara a "little princess." They said that maybe with Sara around the other girls might not think that they were better than everyone else.


Where did Sara live for most of her life?

Sara lived in India for most of her life, with her father. She had no mother and she was used to only spending a few days at a time apart from her father.


What did Sara have trouble doing?

Sara had trouble doing up her buttons. After she struggled for a while, her instructor entered the room and asked if she was ready for breakfast. Sara said that first she needed some help with her buttons!


What did Miss Minchin ask Lavinia and Jessie to do?

Miss Minchin asked both Lavinia and Jessie to move down one place at the table to make room for Sara. They were upset that they had to move because they had been sitting there for so long.


Why couldn't Sara ride her pony?

Sara was going to be learning how to ride. Her teacher said that she should start on something tamer that her pony. When Sara heard that, she decided she had better explain it to her pony!


What did Becky ask Bertie when he checked the mail?

Becky asked Bertie if there was a letter for Sara when he checked the mail. She said that Sara becomes sad when she doesn't hear from her father for a while. Bertie said that she was in luck because there was a letter for Sara in the mail.


What was the bad news in the letter from Sara's father?

The letter from Sara's father said that he wouldn't make it back in time for her birthday. Rose tried to comfort Sara, but she was still unsure about the whole situation.


How did Rose accidentally upset Sara?

Rose accidentally upset Sara by talking about the soldiers in Mafeking. She didn't realize that was where Sara's father was serving and told Sara about the problems that were taking place there. Sara became more worried about her father.


What secret did Geoffrey tell Sara?

Geoffrey told Sara that he enlisted to serve in Mafeking. He said that he hadn't told Miss Minchin yet, so he was trusting Sara to keep it a secret for him.


What did Sara do for Geoffrey?

Sara invited Geoffrey for some tea. After begging Miss Minchin to allow her to invite Geoffrey, Miss Minchin finally agreed. Sara put together a tea to say goodbye to Geoffrey.


What were Geoffrey, Rose, and Sara trying to hide from Miss Minchin?

They were all trying to hide the marriage of Geoffrey and Rose from Miss Minchin. During Sara's tea party, Miss Minchin came upstairs. She questioned Sara and then entered her room to find Geoffrey and Rose together, saying their goodbyes.


What did Sara give Becky on her birthday?

Sara gave Becky a scarab on her birthday. She said that it was from Egypt and that her father gave it to her. She wanted Becky to have it because it would bring her good luck.


What news did Mr. Barrow bring?

Mr. Barrow brought news of Sara's father's death to Miss Minchin during Sara's birthday party. He said that Sara's father had died bankrupt and that Sara didn't have any relatives to go to.


What did Miss Minchin do after finding out about Sara's father?

After finding out about Sara's father, Miss Minchin moved her from her private room and sent her to a dirty attic. She was made to wear a black dress and Miss Minchin sold her clothes to cover the money that Sara owed.


What was unique about the movie?

The Little Princess was the first movie starring Shirley Temple to be filmed in Technicolor. The movie was based on a book written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, titled, A Little Princess.


Where did Miss Minchin send Sara for breakfast?

Miss Minchin sent Sara down to the school's kitchen for breakfast. She said that Sara was no longer allowed to sit and eat breakfast with the other girls. Becky also worked in the kitchen.


What did Miss Minchin take from Rose?

Miss Minchin took the mail from Rose after she grabbed it to search for a letter from Geoffrey. Miss Minchin was suspicious about the two of them and knew exactly what Rose was looking for.


Why did Bertie plan to go to war?

Bertie told Miss Minchin that he planned to go fight in the war because he was tired of the way that she treated people in her school. He said that war is better than the way she treats everyone around her.


Where did Sara go to find her father?

Sara went to the hospital where she found Bertie outside. She told him that she didn't think her father was actually dead and asked Bertie if he would allow her to search the hospital. He agreed.


What pet did Ram Dass have?

Ram Dass had a pet parrot that lived in the house with him. When he and Sara were talking to each other out their windows one day, Ram Dass' parrot flew out of the house and into Sara's new room!


What did one of the wounded soldiers at the hospital keep repeating?

One of the wounded soldiers at the hospital kept repeating Sara's name. Nobody knew who the soldier was and they did not know who Sara was either.


Where did Sara have to go before 9 o'clock?

Sara had to make it to the hospital before 9 o'clock when the visiting hours closed. Lavinia held her back by asking her to do many unnecessary tasks for her, since she saw that Sara was in a rush.


What was Sara in her dream?

Sara was a princess in her dream. She was fed up with the way Miss Minchin had been treating her and escaped from it in her dream. In her dream she banished Miss Minchin, who was a witch.


What did Lord Wickham do while Sara was asleep?

Lord Wickham put gifts in Sara's room for her and Becky. He brought furniture, food, and clothes, as well as started a fire. Sara and Becky couldn't believe their eyes and they were happy to finally have some heat.


What did Sara do to Lavinia after she teased her?

Sara dumped coals from the fire on Lavinia after she teased her with chocolates. Lavinia treated Sara horribly and Sara took the perfect opportunity to get revenge on her.


What did Miss Minchin do after she saw all of the new items in Sara's room?

When Miss Minchin saw all of the items in Sara's room, she assumed that Sara stole them. She asked Sara to tell her the truth and when Sara did, Miss Minchin didn't believe her. She locked Sara and Becky in their rooms.


How did Becky get caught by the police and Miss Minchin?

Becky was caught by Miss Minchin and the police because she accidentally slipped while running away with Sara. Sara didn't notice until it was too late, but she had to keep running to get away from the officer.


Who allowed Sara to search the hospital for her father?

Queen Victoria allowed Sara to search the hospital for her father. One of her guards agreed to escort Sara personally through all of the wards to find him.


Who did Sara find when searching for her father?

Sara found Rose and Geoffrey while searching for her father. Geoffrey had injured his hand and he was being treated at the hospital.


When did Sara find her father?

Sara found her father when she hid in one of the wards at the hospital. She heard the man behind her calling her name and looked around. She was finally reunited with her father!


Who plays Sara?

Shirley Temple played Sara in the movie. She is arguably one of the most famous child stars ever and played in many other movies.


Who played Geoffrey?

Richard Greene played the role of Geoffrey in the movie. Some of the other films he has been in are The Black Castle and Forever Amber.


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