How Much Do You Know About the Average Baby?

By Stella Alexander on May 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Don't be a baby, but take out those pacifiers and bottles! Every day, there are around 360,000 people who are born. While using the word "people" seems to change its context, there are 360,000 babies born each day. With the title of "baby" comes a lot of necessities and care. From how often they eat to how often they sleep, how much do you know about the average baby?

Everyone knows about the cycle of life. Every day, people are born and every day people die. While we mourn the deaths, everyone rejoices in the thousand of babies that are born each day. Each hour, there are about 15,000 babies born. This translates to 360,000 births each day and over 131.4 million each year. When you think about all these babies who are born, with them comes tons of information about them. Whether you're a new parent, old parent, or yet to have children, do you know all there is to know about a baby?

How often do they eat? How often do they sleep? Should you place them on their back? There's tons of information on newborn babies, but how much information have you retained over the years? Enough to be a seasoned parent? Let's find out!

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