How Much Do You Know About the Air We Breathe?

By J. Reinoehl on January 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Hey, science addicts! Let’s see if you really know what you’re breathing! Do you know what it’s made out of? You have heard of air pressure, but do you really know what it is? What keeps air from floating into space?

If you can answer these questions or if you want to learn the answers to these questions, this is the quiz for you!

Air in its purest form is colorless and odorless. In fact, smells that are traveling through the air can warn us when something is dangerous just as easily as they can get our bodies and stomachs ready to eat dinner.

Unlike water, light passes easily through air, allowing us to see better than we would if we lived in a watery environment. Air also has a very small refraction index and doesn’t bend the light the way water does. Even rainbows, which split light apart, are caused by water droplets found in the air and not the air itself.

There is a lot more to air than just “breathe in … breathe out …” This “How Much Do You Know About the Air We Breathe?” quiz is here to find out what you know about this important substance. Show us you know what part of air plants need to make food and then challenge your friends to beat your score!

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