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Oz the Great and Powerful is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, following Oscar Diggs' journey in the Land of Oz. Think you know about Oz's journey to the throne? Take the quiz to find out!

What is unusual about the beginning of the movie?

The beginning of the movie is in black and white. It takes place in the early 1900's and the black and white picture helps add to the setting. The classic Wizard of Oz movie, with Judy Garland, was shot in black and white for the scenes in Kansas.


What did the last girl in Oz's show suffer from?

Oz had a new girl named May added to his show because his last one was said to have suffered from a broken heart. Oz corrected this and said that she had actually suffered a heart attack.


What was Oz's job?

Oz was a magician and had his own magic show. He called himself "Oz the Great and Powerful," just like the title of the movie.


What did one man claim to see, when Oz was performing a magic trick?

A man claimed to have seen a wire during a magic trick while Oz was levitating May in the air. Oz proved him wrong by cutting the wires with a sword and finishing the trick.


What did a little girl in the audience ask Oz to do?

A little girl in the audience asked Oz to make her walk again. Her parents offered him all of their money, but Oz refused to do it. The audience was angry and started to throw things at Oz as he rushed off of the stage.


What did Oz jump in to escape the wrestler that wanted to fight him?

Oz jumped into a balloon to escape the wrestler from the town that wanted to fight him. He cut the string tied to the balloon to get away, just before they had the balloon brought back down!


What did Oz get caught in while floating in the balloon?

Oz was caught in a tornado while floating in the balloon. The balloon started to fall apart in the middle of the tornado. Afterwards, Oz found himself in the Land of Oz.


What bit Oz after his balloon crashed into the water?

The river fairies bit Oz after his balloon crashed into the water. A woman approached him after the crash and warned him about the river fairies. He had to ask what a river fairy was because he had never heard of them!


Who played the role of Oz?

James Franco played the role of Oz. He's played roles in other popular movies as well, such as the Spider-Man movies, Sausage Party, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


Who was the wizard that the king said would descend from the heavens?

Oz was the wizard that the king said would descend from the heavens. The woman that Oz had met, Theodora, told him about this. She said that he would be able to save Oz from the Wicked Witch.


What did Theodora tell Oz that the Wicked Witch did?

Theodora told Oz that the Wicked Witch had poisoned her own father. She wanted the kingdom all to herself and did what she had to do to achieve that. Theodora was confident that Oz would be able to make everything normal in Oz again.


What was going to eat the monkey if he didn't get saved?

A lion was going to eat the monkey if he wasn't saved in time. The monkey was trapped in some vines and crying out for help. Oz didn't think it was such a big deal and started to cut the vines to get the monkey out, when the monkey told him it was actually the lion that he was worried about!


What did Evanora think that Oz was?

Evanora thought that Oz was an imposter. After he left the room, Evanora told Theodora that she should not have brought him to Emerald City because he could have been an imposter sent by the Wicked Witch.


How did Evanora try to get information on Oz's motives?

Evanora gave Oz a tour of the city so that she could try to get information on his motives. The tour gave them a chance to talk and gave Evanora the chance to ask about the wizard's powerful magic.


What item did Oz have to destroy, to kill the Wicked Witch?

Evanora told Oz that he had to destroy the Wicked Witch's want in order to kill her. She said that the Wicked Witch could not live if she didn't have her powers.


How did Oz put the girl made out of china back together?

Oz put the girl made out of china back together by using glue. The whole town had been destructed by the minions sent by the Wicked Witch, causing everything in the town to break. Oz and Finley found her in the town and helped put her broken legs back on.


What animal did Finley imitate when they were executing the plan to take the wand?

Finley made a cow noise when the three were executing the plan to take the Wicked Witch's wand. It turned out that the "Wicked Witch" was actually Glinda, a daughter of the last King.


Who did Glinda say was the real Wicked Witch?

Glinda told Oz that the real Wicked Witch was Evanora. She said that Evanora was great at having everyone fooled and made sure that everyone believed that Glinda had actually killed their father.


Who played the role of Theodora?

Mila Kunis played the role of Theodora, the first person that Oz met when he arrived in the Land of Oz. Mila has played in many TV shows and movies, including That '70s Show and Bad Moms.


What did Glinda do to stop Evanora's minions from catching them?

Glinda created a thick fog to stop Evanora's minions from catching Oz. It worked! As they ran away, the minions hit statues and gravestones, preventing them from catching up to Oz and the group.


What was able to pass through the bubble wall?

Only kind-hearted souls were able to pass through the bubble wall. Oz was worried that he wouldn't be able to, because he didn't think that he fit that description. He was surprised to find that he was able to make it through!


What happened after Theodora took a bite of the apple?

After Theodora took a bite of the apple, she became evil. She also realized that Evanora was actually the real Wicked Witch and felt betrayed by her. Theodora also wanted Oz to know that it was his fault that she bit the apple in the first place.


Who did Theodora say she was going to kill first?

Theodora said she was going to kill Oz first. She was able to break through the wall that Glinda had over her kingdom to get inside and get her message across. Oz didn't even recognize her at first!


What did the china girl wish for?

The china girl wished to have her family back. She asked Oz if he was able to grant wishes like the previous King of Oz did. Although he was sad about it, he had to tell her that he wasn't able to grant wishes.


What did Oz ask the Master Tinker if he could build?

Oz asked the Master Tinker if he could build a hot air balloon. He was able to pull it off, but then later Oz was seen using the balloon for his own greed, making everyone who helped him feel disappointed.


What did Oz and Knuck say that they were delivering in Emerald City?

Oz and Knuck said they were delivering battle supplies so that they could get into Emerald City. The gatekeeper was still suspicious, but after getting hit and yelled at by Knuck he finally let them pass.


What happened to Evanora's minions when they entered the poppy fields to fight Glinda's army?

After Glinda and Oz set up a fake attack on Emerald City, Evanora and Theodora sent their minions out to fight the army. By the time they realized that the army was fake, the minions had fallen into a deep sleep.


What did Glinda lose when she was captured by the minions?

Glinda lost her wand when she was captured by the minions. The wand fell out of her hand and the china girl was able to catch it. She had to hide from Evanora so she wouldn't be captured as well.


What did Oz use the hot air balloon for?

Oz used the hot air balloon to take the riches that Evanora had shown him earlier. He piled bags of gold into the balloon as the people who helped him watched from below.


What did Theodora do to Oz's hot air balloon?

Theodora set Oz's hot air balloon on fire in front of the people of Oz. The balloon came crashing to the ground and everyone except the two wicked witches was devastated, thinking that Oz has died.


What did Oz set off to scare the witches?

Oz set off fireworks to scare the wicked witches. He had his face projected on smoke and shot fireworks toward the witches and the castle. Both of the witches got away as fast as they could.


What of Evanora's belongings did Glinda break?

Glinda broke Evanora's necklace, causing her to lose her powers and turn into what she was perceived to be by everyone else. Glinda also banished Evanora from Emerald City.


What did Oz give Finley (along with his friendship)?

Oz gave Finley his hat. He also offered Finley his friendship, for always sticking by his side during their journey through the Land of Oz.


What did Glinda say she knew Oz had all along?

Glinda told Oz that she knew he had goodness in him all along. Oz, on the other hand, had always thought of himself as a horrible person and a con artist. Now he could aspire to be a better person.


Who played the role of Evanora?

Rachel Weisz played the role of Evanora, the Wicked Witch. She has been in multiple well-known movies and television shows, including Fred Claus and The Simpsons.


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