How Much Do You Know About Medieval English Royalty?

By Brandy on February 09, 2018

About This Quiz

They were the rulers of the land, but their spot could be in jeopardy.

The rulers of England in Medieval times could be both ruthless or compassionate. They knew that they had a lot to lose, and most of them acted accordingly. Which monarch do you think did the best job at ruling the nation, if any?

Do you know which king was called the "Lionheart?" What about which two monarchs ruled alongside each other? Do you know which two heirs to the throne disappeared and were never seen again? Each monarch was known for their motives and the moves they made to protect their people, land and themselves. Unfortunately, some of them are also known for how they died.

What do you know about the times? What did a monarch typically eat? Who did they turn to for advice? What was expected of the royal families at the time? Royals had a lot to take care of during their reigns including battles, healing and revolts.

The English kings and queens of the Medieval era helped dictate the monarchy that we know today. Do you remember the reign of King John, for example? So, if you think you know about the English monarchs of Medieval times, take the quiz to test your knowledge!

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