How Much Do You Know About Leatherworking?

By Zoe Samuel on May 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Leather is one of those curious things that, despite being literally made from animals, very rarely attracts the same sort of controversy as its more luxurious relative, fur. Part of this is because leather comes in an enormous variety of qualities, styles, and products that mean almost everyone has at least one leather product in their house. From shoes to jackets to furnishings to bridles to folders to bags to sporting equipment to artwork, there's leather just about everywhere. Sure, you can get the faux kind, but it just doesn't look or feel quite the same. Leather is thus pretty democratic: everyone who wants it can get at least some of it.

But just because you have leather things in your life doesn't mean you know how they were made. While millions of people knit, millions more embroider, and still more paint, not many people know how to work with leather.

This quiz is not for them. This quiz is for the tanners, the steampunk artists, the sculptors and designers -- anyone who can look at a piece of rawhide and mentally transform it into something beautiful, utilitarian, and unique. So break out that leatherworking expertise, because it's time to show it off!

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