How Much Do You Know About Invasive Species in the US?

By Monica Lee on February 21, 2018

About This Quiz

Sometimes it starts with good intentions, like trying to rid a sugar cane plantation of rats, and ends with mongooses eating everything else on the island -- except rats. Most times, it's due to our shrinking world with insects, plants and microscopic organisms hitching rides on freighters, supplies, and introduced in the ballast water of ships. If you're into ecosystems, or just keep up with the news, you'll know many of these invasive species. But can you name them all? Try your best and see if you can match the invasive species to the clues given. Don't wait, start the quiz now. 

Broadly speaking, an invasive species is non-native and whose introduction causes environmental harm, pushing out the native species. Have you heard of Red Fire Ants? How about the Sea Lamprey? Then there's the Asian Citrus Psyllid that does damage to the trees that produce your favorite breakfast juice. In most cases, these invasive species have common features: high rates of reproduction, no known predators, and easy prey. Has your mind been invaded with the correct answers? Then it's time to take this quiz and see how much you really know about the world around you. Start now by clicking the button below. 

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