How much do you know about Hitchcock's thriller Psycho?

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Alfred Hitchcock's original Psycho is one of the first slasher horror films. Filmed in black-and-white despite the availability of color, it did extraordinarily well at the box office. How well do you remember Psycho? Find out by taking the quiz below.

In what year was Psycho selected for National Film Registry preservation?

Started in 1988 by an Act of Congress, The National Film Preservation Board selected Psycho in 1992 for preservation because of its value as part of the American film heritage.

Psycho did not get nominated for which of the following Oscar Awards?

Although Psycho was initially nominated for Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography (Black and white), and Best Art Direction (Black and white), it did not win any Academy Awards. It did win three other awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Which character was portrayed by Janet Leigh?

Janet Leigh (July 6, 1927—October 3, 2004) was a popular actress at the time and for her to be killed off at the beginning of the movie was unusual. Other things, such as showing a toilet being flushed, were also first-time events for a movie.

Which actor portrayed Norman Bates?

Anthony Perkins (April 4, 1932—September 12, 1992) was typecast after playing Norman Bates, but his career was given a huge boost. He never regretted taking the role and reprised it in Psycho II and Psycho III after Hitchcock was dead.

In which city did Psycho begin?

The movie began in Phoenix, AZ.

Finish the quote "A boy's best friend is ___________."

"A boy's best friend is his mother."

The screenplay was based on a novel of the same name written by whom?

Hitchcock paid Robert Bloch (April 5, 1917 – September 23, 1994) $9,000 for rights to his book. However, to keep the ending secret, Hitchcock then bought as many copies of the book as he could find to prevent others from reading it.

With whom was Marion in love?

The character name "Sam Loomis" reappeared in the Halloween series. In Psycho, Sam was divorced and didn't have enough money to marry Marion.

What day was it when the movie started?

The movie began on Friday, December 11th at 2:43 P. M. They included the date because they filmed Phoenix streets with Christmas decorations on them.

What color bra was Marion wearing in the opening scene?

In the opening scene, she wore a white bra. After she had stolen the money, she wore a black bra to symbolize her descent into sin.

What was Hitchcock doing in his signature cameo appearance?

When Marion enters her place of work, Hitchcock can be seen through the front window wearing a Stetson cowboy hat.

How much did the used car cost Marion in addition to trading in her vehicle?

The $700 extra she paid did not get her much of a change other than color. Only Fords were used in the film because the company was a Hitchcock sponsor. Even the police car, which should have been a Dodge if Hitchcock were going for accuracy, was a Ford.

How much money did Marion steal from her boss?

Forty thousand dollars then was about the equivalent of $300,000 today. In comparison, to construct the house on the hill for Psycho, it only cost $15,000. The house was the most expensive set piece to build.

In which other Hitchcock film was Vera Miles slated to perform but didn't?

Vera June Miles (born August 23, 1929) was supposed to be in Vertigo but became pregnant with her son, Michael Scott. Although Hitchcock had been upset with her, he still used her for the role of Lila in Psycho because she owed him one more film under her contract.

While Marion was driving, what was going on in the background?

As she was driving on the highway, she constantly imagined different people discovering her crime and their reactions to it.

What made Marion nervous at the car dealership?

The police officer that questioned her for sleeping on the side of the road watches her as she purchases the car.

In which cabin did Marion stay?

There was a peephole between Cabin 1 and the office, so Bates placed Marion there.

Why did Marion decide to get a motel room?

The rain was coming down so heavily that Marion was having difficulty seeing anything. That was when the Bates Motel sign came into view.

What was Norman Bates' hobby?

"My hobby is stuffing things. You know—taxidermy."

Why were all the rooms vacant at the Bates?

"They moved away the highway." "Oh, I thought I had gotten off the main road." "I knew you must have. Nobody ever stops here anymore unless they've done that."

How did Marion sign the hotel register?

She used the false name of Marie Samuels and listed her hometown as Los Angeles. We got a glimpse of this when she initially wrote it and when the private investigator asked to see the register.

Where was Marion headed when she first arrived at the Bates Motel?

Bates Motel was only about 15 miles away from her final destination of Fairvale in Northern California. After speaking with Norman, she seemed to regret what she had done and planned to return home with the money the next morning. Fairvale, CA, was a fictional town borrowed from the book.

Where did Marion hide the money once she got to Bates Motel?

Marion decided to put the money in the center of the newspaper and refold it.

How did Norman Bates get rid of Marion's body?

Bates first wrapped Marion's body in the shower curtain and then placed it in the trunk of her car. After cleaning out all the evidence (including the money) from the hotel room and also placing that in the car, he sank the car in the swamp behind the motel.

What did Norman Bates frequently munch on throughout the movie?

Perkins felt munching on the candy corn added a connection to the stuffed birds.

Norman Bates' character was based on which real-life serial killer?

Edward Theodore Gein (August 27, 1906—July 26, 1984) was a grave robber who fashioned items from dead bodies and also a murderer who admitted to killing at least two women. Several horror movies were based on his crimes including Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Bates house was designed to look like the house in a painting by which artist?

Edward Hopper's (July 22, 1882—May 15, 1967) "The House by the Railroad" was used to create the outside look of the Bates' home.

What was the license plate on Marion's new car?

The NFB 418 license plate was seen clearly as the car was sinking in the swamp.

Who wrote the soundtrack for Psycho?

Bernard Herrmann (June 29, 2911—December 24, 1975) did such a great job on the soundtrack that Hitchcock gave him double the salary ($34,501). Herrmann also offered suggestions about how music could improve the mood of certain scenes.

Which record was on the record player in Norman's room?

Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major (Eroica or the Heroic Symphony) was frequently played at funerals in the mid-1800s. Beethoven dedicated it to Napoleon Buonaparte while the ruler was First Consul.

"And I say… Death should always be _________."

"And I say… Death should always be painless."

What event first pushed Norman Bates over the edge to murder?

"Well, a son is a poor substitute for a lover."

What was the name of the private investigator?

Milton Arbogast, portrayed by Martin Balsam (November 4, 1919—February 13, 1996), only had about 20 minutes of screen time before meeting Mrs. Bates. He was hired by Mr. Cassidy to find Marion.

Who was Al Chambers?

Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers let Sam and Lila know Norman's mother had passed away. He did not believe them when they told him Norman was acting suspiciously.

Where did Norman hide his mother so the sheriff would not find her?

"No, I will not hide in the fruit cellar."

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