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Lena Dunham is the brilliant mind behind this amazing show. It accurately depicts the lives of 4 girls and their struggle to grow-up and find their way. Take this quiz and see how much you know about their story!

Who is the creator of the HBO show Girls?

Lena Dunham is an actress, writer, producer, and director. She created the HBO show Girls, and has received numerous Emmy award nominations, and two Golden Globe awards for this show!


What film inspired the creation of Girls?

The film Tiny Furniture was not only the blue print for the show Girls but was also entirely created and self-funded by Dunham herself. This indie-film debuted in 2010.


Who composes the music for Girls?

Michael Penn is a hugely talented singer-songwriter for his band Doll Congress, and has also produced for Aimee Mann, The Wallflowers, and Liz Phair, as well as for Girls. He also happens to be Sean Penn's older brother!'


What happened to Christopher Abbot (Charlie)?

After the end of season two, Christopher Abbot openly spoke about his disapproval of the direction the show had taken. As a result, he did not return for season three.


Who approached Dunham about turning Tiny Furniture into the show Girls?

Judd Apatow noticed Lena Dunham's work with Tiny Furniture when it appeared and won awards at SXSW in 2010, and approached her about making the film into a show. He has directed films such as Knocked Up, This is 40, and The 40-Year Old Virgin.


Which character is based on Dunham's real life bestie?

Lena Dunham's best friend Audrey Gelman, who happened to be Hilary Clinton's former press aide, is also an actress and played Charlie's girlfriend after him and Marnie split. She is also the basis for Marnie's character in the show.


Which dad comes to watch his daughter on set?

Brian Williams likes to drop by the set while they are filming and watch his daughter, Allison Williams shoot her scenes. Hopefully he is only on set for the appropriate scenes she is featured in... cuz... awk...ward.


What is Girls criticized for?

Lena Dunham has been criticized for the shows lack of diversity. She explains that the show is not supposed to represent everyone, she wrote it from her perspective and from people that are in her real-life. Which happened to be four white girls.


Which character doesn't consider themselves a real actor?

Kirke and Dunham have been friends for years, they attended Saint Ann's school in NYC together. Kirke was also in Tiny Furniture, but this was a favor to Dunham since she couldn't afford to pay professional actors. She says she is also in the show Girls as a favor to Lena Dunham and isn't looking for other acting roles.


How old was Dunham when she began running a show?

Besides starring in the show Girls, Dunham's deal with HBO has her as the producer, writer, and director, all of that at the ripe age of 25... What a boss!


Which character was ignored at the 2013 Golden Globes?

As Girls was taking the world by storm, the media still had no idea who Adam Driver was. So on the pre-awards red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes they didn't take any pictures of him. Just awkward staring between him and their cameras pointed at the ground.... OOF!


A real life struggle for Dunham?

In Dunham's memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, she talks about her struggles with OCD and how it has affected all aspects of her life and career. OCD plays a huge part in the dramatic finale of season two in Girls.


Which person doesn't relate to their character at all?

Adam Driver has absolutely blown up since his time on Girls, he has been sought out for roles including playing the villain in J.J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII. He says he is nothing like his character Adam Sackler on the show Girls.


What is the name of Girls production company?

Half a Yogurt Productions which is the Girls production company made a donation to the SUNY New Paltz Foundation in exchange for students as extras and free access to the place while filming on campus.


What is unique about the main characters names?

All of the main characters names are Alliterative, which is a stylistic literary device that is identified by the repeated sound of the first letter in a series of multiple words, or the repetition of the same letter sounds in stressed syllable of a phrase.


Which character provides their own wardrobe?

Jessa Johansson in the show, or Jemima Kirke in real life, was not satisfied with the wardrobe that was provided for her character by the show. She had trouble finding her character, and resolved the problem by wearing her own clothes.


How does Judd Apatow view the show?

Judd Apatow sees Girls as a learning tool for dudes. He says that he hopes the show sheds some light on the "realistic female" for men. And by realistic, he means the kind of girl that shows up at a guys house, admits she's been illegally using his garbage can, then moves in, and refuses to leave.


Which campus denied HBO access to shoot on campus?

The University of Iowa denied HBO access to shoot on their campus. They were anxious about the show casting its hallowed halls in a bad light because, lets face it, they have probably read the script, or seen the show. HBO said good riddance, and New York came to the rescue.


Who's daughter guest stars in the show?

Judd Apatow's daughter, Maude, guest stars in Girls, on season four of the show. Maude has appearing in her father's films like Knocked Up, Funny People, and This is 40, along with her sister Iris, and mother, Leslie Mann.


Interesting thing Jemima Kirke did?

Jemima Kirke kissed a girl for a feature in 2013 Stone Fox Bride ad for same sex wedding dresses. For this same campaign. she showed her lady bits in a lacy wedding gown which made Jessa fans jump for joy everywhere.


Fun Girls fact?

The main character Hannah, is known for her very "Hannah" fashion. Revealing summer dresses, WTF pajamas, and 50's sweaters. Now you can rock her wardrobe on the streets, the "Lena Denim Dress" sells on Modcloth for $64.99.


Interesting thing about Zosia Mamet?

Zosia Mamet is in her own band... Her band is called Chacha, which was her childhood nickname. We listened to them, and they aren't bad!


What was Shoshanna's major at NYU?

The neurotic but somewhat lovely Shoshanna Shapiro was in fact a mathematics major at New York University. I mean what else would make sense for her to study, this field is perfect for her.


Which Girls character said, "I just want someone who hangs out all the time, thinks I'm the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me."?

Who has the most unrealistic expectations and reasoning on the show? None other than the lovable Hannah. Again setting expectations for men in Season 1 of the show.


Which character says "I'm not here to make friends."?

Indeed Adam's character in the show states bluntly about his newly acquired position working on broadway that he is not there to make friends. Hannah is of course worried she will be left in the dust once Adam's broadway fame gets to him.


As of the first season how long has Marnie known Hannah?

Indeed in season 1 of the show we find out that Marnie and Hannah have been besties for 6 years up until that point. Of course we watch their relationship go back and forth tumultuously quite a bit throughout the show.


Who said this to Hannah about Adam: "I see certain things. He's odd, he's angry, he's uncomfortable in his own skin. I don't want you to spend your whole life socializing him like he's a stray dog."

Loreen, Hannah's mother in the show, is not a fan of her relationship with Adam to say the least. She expresses doubt many times throughout the show, but this was one of her more blunt and prominent statements about her feelings about the duos pairing.


Who has sex with Jessa's 19 year old step-brother?

After a whippet-fueled joyride with Jessa's 19-year-old step-brother, they sneak behind the bushes and get it on for a very brief few seconds. It is awkward to say the least. And we all thought he might be gay?


According to Marnie, who did she see taking a s**t and drinking milk at the same time?

Marnie claims she saw Adam both pooping and drinking milk at the same time. Another one of the ways she expresses her extremely judgmental character in the show.


Who thinks they invented the word "sexit"?

Hannah and Ray get into an argument about whether or not she invented the word "sexit" (a combination of 'sex' and 'exit'). We conclude that alas she did not create the word.


Who said: "Urine is sterile, a lot of people pee on wounds to make them sterile."

Adam, Hannah's main love interest, a 20-something artist living in New York City, has a colorful array of lines, this one above being one of them.


Who said Marnie's cooked duck "tasted like a used condom"?

This comment was on among a spew of negative and downright cruel things Shoshanna said in the episode where the girls escape to Norfork. Here she brings Marnie down about the flavor of the duck, duck Marnie obsessed over for the girls.


Who said "I'm letting you know that it is okay to act on this fantasy because I am gross and so are you."

Hannah's moment where she acknowledges the strange and gross nature of their relationship, but says she's down anyways. Among their strange repulsiveness of themselves and each other, there is some pretty profound loyalty and love between the two as well. They definitely are consistent at keeping it weird!


Who wrote a book of poems about Kelly, a friend who died in a car accident?

When the characters are dealing with death in the third season, Shoshanna admits both that she was relieved when Kelly died so she could take her place in their friend group, but then also admits that she grieved the loss of her friend by writing a book of poems about her.


Who said: "I don't catalog my mind. It's unhealthy."

Adam tells Shoshanna "I don't catalog my mind, it's unhealthy." A surprisingly insightful, intellectual, and clever thing to say. See, he isn't all bad.


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