How Much Do You Know About Gardening?

By Torrance Grey on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Formally referred to as horticulture, gardening is the practice of growing and caring for plants from flowers to crop. Gardens may be grown on a commercial as well a recreational scale. Due to its relaxing nature, many individuals consider gardening to be more of a hobby than a job. Gardens may be grown at home or in separate dedicated areas.

Gardens grown on a larger scale are often for commercial purposes. Be it for the production of food, retail of flowers, sale of herbal medicines or simply for the use of a trail or touring site, large gardens can be very profitable to their owners.

Smaller home gardens are usually for the occupation of homeowners. Some individuals enjoy gardening for its fulfilling characteristics and others garden to beautify their landscapes and home exteriors. And still, some do it for the economical benefits of having homegrown food. In these cases, easy-to-care-for crops such as vegetables are often grown.

Homegrown gardens or residential gardens may be grown in several locations near or around the home. The question we're trying to answer is how much you know about the art of gardening. Will your flowers bloom flawlessly? Or will they wilt away with your hopes of passing this test?

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