How Much Do You Know About Game Animals?

By Gavin Thagard on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Nowadays, if you want to eat meat, you can head on down to the supermarket and fill up at the freezer cabinet or meat counter, but this has only been the case for a relatively small portion of human history. Prior to that, if you wanted meat, you had to either raise it or hunt it. Fortunately, archery, spear-throwing, and trapping ceased to be necessary around the same time that guns got accurate enough to make almost anybody deadly.  Meanwhile, certain animals that are hard to rear in captivity became known as game animals: the ones you could hunt for food but not keep on the farm. 

Most game is hunted during a specific season and in a specific manner that ensures the animal lives a free and healthy life and then dies a clean and swift death with minimal pain. Additionally, it is considered bad form by most hunters to kill anything that you or another person don't intend to eat: this is why in hunting communities it's OK to shoot more pheasants than you can personally eat, as the rest go to a butcher for sale, whereas bagging a rare and special species such as a leopard for a trophy will get a person uninvited from the best hunts.

The pinnacle of bird hunting is driven grouse, as it's very difficult, and it's almost impossible to guarantee grouse numbers as you can partridge, making it expensive. Other species that can be hunted for food at your own risk include wild boar, which are notable for the fact that if a bullet hits their armor-like hide at the wrong angle, it can bounce right off. From these to other fabulous facts about the world of game, let's see how ready you are to join the hunt!

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