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By: Torrance Grey

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Though we think of fashion as being about the here and now, it's got a long history -- an interesting one, too! Want to show off your fashion savvy? Strap on your high heels and get to work!

What dangerous substance was used in face powder by Victorian women?

They used it to make their skin paler.

In what century was the modern bra created?

Not surprisingly, two women share the credit.

For what group of workers was the blue jean created?

Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented them in 1873.

What skirt, which added exaggerated fullness to the rear end, was popular in the late 19th century?

A variation on the 'hoop' skirt, it held fabric out away from the wearer's bottom.

What is the name for the very full upper sleeve popular in the Victorian era?

Don't laugh: we loved shoulder pads as recently as the 80s.

What was Coco Chanel's real first name?

Chanel virtually had no rival in the mid-20th-century.

Which hairstyle represented independence for women in the 1920s?

The image of the flapper is inseparable from her bobbed hair.

Which designer is credited with popularizing the "little black dress"?

Chanel's version of the dress was called the "Ford" design.

Which designer collaborated with artists like Salvador Dali?

Dali famously painted the lobster on the front of her "lobster dress."

Which Basque-born designer was known for the 'bubble dress'?

"Balenciaga" was the enigmatic last word of an "American Horror Story" character.

With which designer was Audrey Hepburn closely associated?

Having to dress Audrey Hepburn must have been quite a chore.

For which style is Mary Quant best known?

Andres Courreges was also well-known for his miniskirts and minidresses.

Which designer worked with Jackie Kennedy for her first trip abroad as First Lady?

He was reputedly related to the Cassini who discovered four of Saturn's satellites.

Which of these is NOT commonly associated with mod fashion?

Mod fashion was later sent up by the "Austin Power" films.

Which figure skater has a hairstyle named after her?

Hamill appeared on a recent season of "Dancing With the Stars," still with short hair.

Which of these is NOT usually associated with Jackie Kennedy?

Boots would have been a bit androgynous for the very feminine First Lady.

Who, for decades, did the "10 Worst-Dressed Women" list?

Celebrities feared his list, but readers devoured it.

Which of these is NOT usually associated with the 1970s?

The punk and Goth looks of the 80s were a reaction to the more natural, organic styles of the 70s.

Which perfume was red-hot in the 1980s?

Things got so bad that reportedly, fine restaurants posted signs reading, "Please, no wearers of Giorgio."

Which of these styles is NOT commonly associated with the 80s?

Let's not even get into those big "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirts.

Which designer drew criticism for basing a collection on the clothing of homeless people?

The collection used, among other things, silk printed to look like old newspapers.

Which designer drew inspiration from London's punk-rock scene?

Westwood outfitted the iconic punk group, the Sex Pistols.

For which item is Prada not popularly known?

Prada has branched out, though, even making a cell phone.

Which of these is NOT commonly associated with the 90s?

Pencil skirts are evergreen, though, among women with office jobs.

Which organization made a dent in celebs wearing fur in the 1990s?

The organization's full name is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Which designer was killed at his home by Andrew Cunanan?

Many saw the killing as Cunanan's bid for lasting infamy.

Which of these US shows premiered first?

Queer Eye premiered in 2003 and was a runaway hit.

Who played an Anna-Wintour-like editor in "The Devil Wears Prada"?

Hey, a multi-Oscar winner can afford to play an unlikable character.

What is designer Vera Wang best known for?

Wang dressed both 2016 candidates' daughters, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton, for their nuptials.

Which of the following is NOT commonly associated with the 2000s?

Don't worry: Dansko shoes are always popular among women who work on their feet.

Which Beatle fathered a successful fashion designer?

Stella McCartney is a vegetarian who doesn't use fur or leather in her designs.

What reality-TV fashionista wrote "The Little Black Book of Style"?

Garcia is a judge on Project Runway.

What very non-haute-couture item did Sharon Stone wear to the Oscars?

Stone also wore a white Gap men's shirt on the red carpet a few years later.

What fictional heroine recently made braids popular again?

Unlike many hair styles, there is a version of braids appropriate for virtually every age.

What was Lady Gaga's dress at the 2010 MTV awards made from?

The dress was later preserved by a taxidermist.

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