How Much Do You Know About Chevy Engines?

By Steven Symes on February 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you well-versed in the history of Chevy's engine? Find out!

Chevy has been around as a brand since the early part of the 20th century. It wasn't even a part of GM at first, that came later, and was pushing the boundaries of engine design. If you think that Americans are behind when it comes to engineering, you don't know much about Chevy engines.

While Chevy isn't well-known for its four-cylinder engines, it has made some that are highly influential. It's also made some six-cylinder engines that have impacted the auto industry for decades. But let's be honest, everyone knows that Chevy is really famous for its thunderous V-8s. Big-block, small block, both have a legendary status even casual car fans have heard something about. If you're a true Chevy fan, you know more than just a little bit about these engine lines.

In modern times, Chevy has really pushed engine technology, adding all kinds of innovative designs to cut down fuel consumption and reduce emissions, even creating new ways to extract more power out of engines. In fact, Chevy has become a master of balancing green tech with American muscle, helping to please many people.

Find out just how much you know about Chevy engines, both new and old, by taking this quiz right now.

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