How Much Do You Know About Chemistry, Biology, and Physics?

By Olivia Cantor on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Science is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world, and yet typically one of the worst-taught in school. Before we ever take a science class, children are naturally curious, badgering our parents by asking "why" ad-infinitum. Sadly, once we get to school, far too many teachers take a group of bright-eyed, curious, enthusiastic kids and serve them up fragments of facts that don't seem to relate to each other in any way, meaning a lot merely switch off and conclude that science is boring. However, some of us are so enthused about the subject that we hold it all in anyway -- and some are fortunate enough to be blessed with a teacher who can make the mysteries of chemistry, biology, and physics come alive.

From the study of the underlying laws that guide all matter, to uncovering the facts about our biological world, to investigating the building blocks of life, the universe, and everything, science is our introduction into the deepest truths about reality. Indeed, for many of those who believe, the study of science is the closest humanity can come to revealing the face of God. Science can tell us how things work, and help us to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. So whether you first got to know it through sheer force of personality or had a great teacher to guide you along the way, let's see how many of the basics you've retained!

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