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With the world in turmoil, Aang and his friends set out to change the course of history. Take this quiz and see if you can recall the events from the epic journey of this young Avatar!

What nation is Sokka from?

The Southern Water Tribe consisted of people who split off from the Northern Water Tribe due to internal friction. However, they still loosely remained under the control of the Northern chief.


Who is the last Airbender?

Aang was the youngest airbender to earn tattoos that are given to airbending masters. He became a master at the age of 12, surpassing many of his teachers at the time.


What is the name of Aang's air bison?

Appa accompanied Aang when he left the Southern Air Temple, after finding out that he was the Avatar. When a storm hit, Aang went into the Avatar state and froze himself, together with Appa, so they wouldn't be killed.


What is Toph missing?

Toph learned how to use her earthbending skills to see from badgermoles. With this ability, she could use vibrations to sense where movement occurred.


Whose face is burned?

When Zuko spoke out of turn, Ozai punished him by challenging him to an Agni Kai. During the fight, Ozai burned part of Zuko's face.


What happened to the Air Nomads?

The Avatar was responsible for maintaining peace and balance around the world. Since the Fire Nation wanted to gain territory and control, the leaders knew they would have to capture and kill the Avatar to accomplish their mission.


What weapon does Sokka carry?

Sokka is well-known for his sarcasm. Even in the most serious moments, he has a knack for cracking a good joke.


What does Piandao teach Sokka?

Sokka notices that all the other members of Team Avatar have bending abilities, and is discouraged by this. Instead of staying down in the dumps, Sokka seeks out a master to teach him swordsmanship.


Who does Aang kiss at the end of the series?

Aang struggled with his feelings for Katara throughout the series but never acted on them. After defeating the Phoenix King, Aang finally made his move.


How many Fire Nations are there?

There are four different nations divided by their bending abilities; fire, water, earth, and air. The Fire Nation gained an advantage over the others through advancements in technology.


What is the name of Earth King Kuei's bear?

Avatar is populated with strange and unique animals. In a trip across the four nations, you will find anything from an armadillo lion to a buzzard wasp.


Who rules the Fire Nation at the start of the series?

Fire Lord Ozai had two children; Azula and Zuko. However, Zuko was disowned and sent away for betraying his father.


What skill does Katara vow NOT to use?

Bloodbending allows the user to control the body of another person. This is done by bending the fluids within that person's body.


Who becomes the Fire Lord after Phoenix King Ozai is defeated?

Zuko always knew that it was his destiny to become the Fire Lord. However, he always believed he would rule through fear, but that changed, thanks to his uncle, Iroh.


Who betrays Azula?

Mai and Zuko start a relationship when Zuko is accepted back into the Fire Nation. However, when Zuko turns on the Fire Nation, Mai is forced to choose between Azula and Zuko. She chooses her former lover.


Who was the Avatar before Aang?

Roku was an Avatar from the Fire Nation. He was betrayed by his best friend, Fire Lord Sozin.


Who is Zuko's sister?

Azula is a firebending prodigy. She possesses the unique ability to create blue flames, which are considerably hotter than the other flames used by firebenders.


Who discovers metalbending?

Toph is captured by two earthbenders who want to cash in on the award that her parents are giving for bringing her back home. Knowing that she is a great earthbender herself, they put Toph into a metal cage, but this cage can't contain Toph's awesomeness​.


What group did the Fire Nation wipe out in the Southern Water Tribe?

The Fire Nation sent raiders to the Southern Water Tribe to eliminate all waterbenders. They believed this would help them strategically, as the Southern Water Tribe would no longer be a threat to their advancements.


Who is Iroh's son?

Lu Ten accompanied Iroh when the Fire Nation tried to capture Ba Sing Se. Sadly, Lu Ten was killed during the conflict. Torn with grief, Iroh stepped down as general of the Fire Nation army.


What was Ty Lee part of?

Ty Lee has six identical sisters. Feeling inauthentic, Ty Lee struggles with finding her own identity.


What is the capital of the Earth Kingdom?

Ba Sing Se is ruled by the Earth King or Earth Queen. King Kuei is the Earth King when Aang first arrives.


Who defeats Phoenix King Ozai?

Aang was faced with the dilemma of killing Phoenix King Ozai, even though murder went against his beliefs as a monk. Instead of killing Ozai, though, Aang used energybending to take away Ozai's firebending abilities.


Who is the King of Omashu?

Before Aang was frozen, he was close friends with Bumi, who was also just a child. By the time Aang meets King Bumi, Bumi has grown old, and Aang doesn't recognize him at first.


Who fights an Agni Kai with Azula?

For years, Zuko feared his sister, Azula's, power. After finding peace within himself, Zuko challenges and defeats her.


Who is NOT a member of the White Lotus?

The Order of the White Lotus is tied to no nation. Instead, it's a group of scholars who seek philosophy, beauty, and truth.


What group does Suki lead?

The Kyoshi Warriors were founded by Avatar Kyoshi. Their mission is to protect Kyoshi island from outside forces.


What does Ba Sing Se mean?

Ba Sing Se is surrounded by walls that protect it from invaders. The Fire Nation tried many times to penetrate the walls but failed, until Princess Azula managed to capture the city from the inside.


What is the police force in Ba Sing Se?

When Aang arrives in Ba Sing Se, the town is controlled by the Dai Li. They are a corrupt police force with a significant influence over the Earth King.


Who was Aang's mentor before he disappeared?

Gyatso and Aang developed a deep friendship while Aang was growing up. The other monks believed this relationship was hampering Aang's development, so they decided to send him to another Air Temple.


What gives Firebenders more power?

The comet is named after Sozin, who used it to start the Hundred Years War. The comet gave the Fire Nation the power to wipe out the Air Nomads.


What was the name of Roku's dragon?

Roku found Fang before he had hatched from his egg. With no parents to raise the baby dragon, Roku took on the responsibility.


Who started the expansion of the Fire Nation?

Sozin tried to get Avatar Roku, his best friend, to help him conquer the world. However, Roku refused and threatened to kill Sozin if he carried out his plan.


Who is known as the Deserter?

Jeong Jeong was Aang's first firebending teacher. He was reluctant at first, but a vision from Roku soon changed Jeong Jeong's mind.


Where does Aang find Momo?

Momo is a winged lemur who Aang and his friends find at the Southern Air Temple when Aang returns. The group decides to take the winged lemur with them on their journey.


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