How Much Do You Know About Animal Pregnancies?

By Heather Cahill on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Gestation is the period during which a female animal carries an embryo in her womb until birth. This process is part of pregnancy and is the norm for most mammals. A few non-mammals also go through this process of reproduction.

For humans, gestation lasts a mere nine months. Although most may consider it a long time, it is one of the shortest gestation periods in the animal kingdom. It has been determined that the length of gestation periods is directly influenced by the size and intelligence of the mammal.

Based on this fact, it comes as no surprise that elephants the biggest and smartest land mammals have the longest gestation periods which last a total of twenty-four months. After this, they give birth to just one calf of 200-300 pounds in weight. Second runner-up for the longest gestation period is the tallest land mammal; the giraffe. Giraffes carry their young for a maximum of sixteen months. Like elephants, giraffes only bear one calf and they are known to give birth while standing.

Next in line are the “sheep of the desert,” camels. These humped, aggressive mammals popular in the Middle East give birth to just one calf after a gestation period of fourteen months.  But enough of us giving away the answers. Can you tell us a bit more about the gestation periods of these animals? Only the pros can ace this quiz. Can you?

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