How Much Do You Know About Airplane Engines?

By Heather Cahill on March 18, 2018

About This Quiz

They're the power that allowed us to soar above the world we know and see things from a different perspective. Without airplane engines, we wouldn't have a lot of things. No quick way to travel, no skydiving and no way to enjoy our world from above. Can you name the people who made it all possible?

Can you name the engines that made history or powered some of the most famous planes in the world? What about the parts of an engine and how they work? Maybe you can even list off a few types of airplane engines? This quiz will test you on all different aspects of airplane engines, both general and technical!

Do you know which companies are trusted to make airplane engines? How about the engines in which they specialize? Can you tell a jet engine from a V-type piston engine? Did you know there was a time when engine manufacturers did not want to try their hand at anything specialized to run an airplane!

Airplane engines fuel our world, from delivering packages overnight, to getting you to your destination as quickly as possible. Without them, the world would be a totally different place. So, if you think you're an airplane engine expert, let's see if you can ace this quiz with flying colors!

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