Are '50s Cars Your Thing? Let's See How Much You Really Know!

By Annette on January 25, 2018

About This Quiz

The 1950’s ushered in a car culture where a powerful engine with a sleek body and absolutely no concern for safety was considered a great idea by just about everyone. It was post-WWII across the world, and Studebaker had just unveiled their completely newly designed third generation models in 1947. In fact, those were the first new cars after WWII. Suddenly, the race for the best car was on, and Elvis was uplifting the masses as he blared through car radios while parents grumbled about the re-emergence of hot rod culture into pop culture.

It seems that the post-war United States was ready to live loud; and fast, powerful, sexy cars was the way to do it. If you know ‘50s cars, then you know what we mean by a love of not just cruising, but speeding! In case you don’t, the quiz will test you on it.

With a thirst for a life fully lived, the United States was suddenly ready to buy, buy, and buy! This motto led to three out of every five families owning a car by 1950, a 40 percent increase from 1941!

To keep up with the demand, car manufacturers were extravagantly unveiling new models every year with such unique designs that eventually you, as a car buyer, could personalize just about anything in the vehicle! You wanted everything green? And we mean everything? No problem! By 1959 even tail fins had grown to such proportions as to mimic the equally strong drive to go into space with rockets. The 1950’s wanted it all and depending on where and who you were, you very well felt like you could get it, or, at least next years' model might have what you want.

Now before we start to give the answers away, it's time for you to see just how much about this iconic time in car history you actually know!

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