How Much Do You Know About 4-Cylinder Engines?

By Steven Symes on January 31, 2018

About This Quiz

Despite being some of the earliest engines used in cars, four-cylinders were frowned upon as the United States economy rose to new levels. People wanted more power than was possible to create with these smaller engines, fueling the popularity of V-6s and V-18s. Thanks to several shifts in the market, driven by consumers and government regulations, the four-cylinder is rising in popularity again.

Today, four-cylinder engines are more complicated than ever. They can come in different configurations, although most follow a similar layout. Innovative designs, including forced induction, variable valve timing, and direct injection have helped boost output to levels associated with V-6s and even some V-8s of old. Thanks to modern technology, you'll even find some three-row SUVs using a four-cylinder engine and not struggling to propel all that weight up a steep hill.

While the design of most four-cylinder engines isn't horribly complicated, which makes them desirable for financial savings, there's still plenty to know about these influential engines. This quiz will test your knowledge in a number of areas. See just how much you know about these engines and take the test now!

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